Dragonvale – Winter Event 2022 – Frostivale Yulebration

Frostivale Yulebration event has arrived in Dragonvale. Let’s look at the cloning stats for the first 3 event dragons.

Frostivale Yulebration Annoucement

Sugarmitten Dragon

Sugarmitten shares plant, fire, earth and cold. Poison is always the best choice here with its 30 minute breed time.

Sugarmitten dragon clone stats

10% cloning chance means only 7 attempts needed for a 50/50 chance to clone a Sugarmitten dragon. 9.69 hours is the average fail time, so only 2.83 days for an even money chance.

Everfrost Dragon

Everfrost also shares plant, fire, earth and cold, so Poison is the cloning dragon of choice.

Everfrost dragon clone stats

The same 10% cloning chance, with the same cloning elements, means the same 2.83 days for a 50/50 chance to clone an Everfrost dragon.

Igluit Dragon

Igluit is a hidden dragon that shares cold, water and air. There are a bunch of 8 hour dragons you could use to clone.

Igluit dragon cone stats

It only has a 1% cloning chance, so 69 attempts for a 50/50 shot. The average fail time is 10.14 hours, so 29.15 days for your even money chance.

I thought I would look into adding another element to see if we could drop the average fail time. Earth seemed like the best choice, so I tried cloning with Mud.

Igluit dragon cloned with Mud stats

This drops the average fail time to essentially 9 hours, and means under 26 days for a 50/50 shot. Good luck everyone.

Thanks to Quill of the The Dragonvale Community Forum and the Dragonvale Compendium which they created and curate. It is an amazing resource made freely available to all.

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