Escape Room Challenge

The Game Crafter has just announced two new contests, both of which look interesting, but one which gives a clear direction of concept … an Escape Room. The contest runs until April 3rd, 2018, which allows 150 days to develop and produce the game. First round of judging will be by members of The Game Crafter community, and will be followed by two more rounds judged by Dan Letzring of Letiman Games.

The rules state that the game doesn’t have to be specifically about escaping from a room, but has to make use of the mechanic, which is essentially a group of logic and deduction puzzles that need to be solved. It must contain a printed rule book, can consist of any components available at The Game Crafter, and must cost no more than $39.99. (I have to check if that is the manufacturer cost, or what it retails for, but I am assuming it is the cost of a single, and not the discount for making 100.)

I have been in a couple of actual escape rooms, and I have played one of the Exit board games, so I know how the mechanic works. Several different themes for the game (by which I mean, different isolated locations) occur to me, so I will see which theme prompts the most ideas for puzzles, or conversely, see which theme has the best fit, for the puzzles I come up with. My aim is to try and tell an overall story with the puzzles, to keep them all connected, rather than have them be individual, stand alone, set pieces. Something like a “Whodunnit”, with lots of bits and pieces leading towards an unmasking, but still in an isolated location with a small cast of characters … like an Agatha Christie novel.

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