Flip and Write Challenge

This is a post about the design and development of a currently unnamed Shipwreck Game. You can see the other Blog posts at the Index for the Game.

The Game Crafter has a new competition running, the Staff Roll and Write Challenge. While there is no chance I will have my Shipwreck game in a position to be ready, for the February deadline, I am using it as impetus to keep progressing on the story. I think the mechanics regarding the use of the deck and the map, are fairly sound, and now it is just the creation of all the story elements. The irony is, game creation gives me something to blog about, and the desire to write blog posts drives me to work on the games. But, by necessity, the story elements of a Legacy game must be kept secret. I can’t reveal the story points in the blog, so the drive shifts to work on things that I can blog about. It has meant that the Shipwreck game has been meandering for a while now.

But, with this particular contest, comes the opportunity to work shop this a little, at the Game Crafter Designer Discussion Facebook group. So, as I said, this is the impetus to work on the story. Or at least one of the stories. The initial game begins, with the player waking on the beach, and discovering a random object there, washed ashore. That initial thing they find, will directly impact how the story progresses. So the plan is to pick one object; one story; and write the various beats of that narrative, and the various ways it might unfold.

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