Fray Expansion – Urkonn

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Urkonn – Not a Watcher

Urkonn, is a demon, sent to help prepare Melaka Fray for the upcoming fight against the darkness. He is quite adamant he is not a Watcher, whom he brands, for not bad reasons, fanatics. So he will have the Supernatural Icon, and his traits will be knowledge and strength. He needs to prepare Mel physically and mentally, which includes filling her in on the history of the Slayers. He is also working behind the scenes a little bit, to get things prepared, so I think he will focus on the Dark/Light track.

Card Design

Urkonn Common 1 Template

“The Calling” is the first Common Card, which quite appropriately uses his first appearance in the comic as the art. I do enjoy the two shot with Mel in the foreground. Urkonn is there to recruit Mel as a soldier, so it should obviously be a Recruit card. Being able to Advance the Light on a previously played Slayer card, makes me smile, with Mel turning on the Light in this image.

Also, Urkonn is a big dude. No cards worth less than 4.

Urkonn Common 2 Template

“Go Monsterface!” shows Urkonn stepping into protect Mel from a Vampire. Therefore, a Strength card, with a little attack, and the ability to Rescue a Bystander. Coordinate also seemed appropriate, so he could step in to help a friend.

Still need to finalise the edge of the overlay fist coming in to the text area, and paint out the “SPRAK” of the impact of his fist.

Urkonn Uncommon Template

“I Will Make Her Ready” exemplifies Urkonn wanting to protect Mel, but also give her what she needs for the upcoming battle. He’s doing so without Mel’s knowledge, so should probably be a Covert card instead of knowledge. A bit more recruit, and another Coordinate card. And then a double benefit: the ability to sacrifice to get a benefit in the Dark, and then if you move into the Light, you get the bonus attack. It seemed like an interesting mechanic that the Dark/Light track would allow.

Maybe 5 is too cheap. I thought sacrificing a Bystander would mitigate it, but … perhaps it should be 6.

Urkonn Rare Template

“We Would Have Lost” ties the whole story together. I don’t want to spell it out too much, for those that haven’t read the comic, but the double trigger of having played a Slayer and Advanced the Light is thematic with the final battle of Fray. Strength card, obviously, and I need to tidy up the bottom of the art, where Mel’s gun comes into frame.

A decent set of cards. On to the next.

Continued in Fray Expansion – Gates

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