Modular, but Static, Hex Board

Continued from Walk through the Grove

A bit of play testing has shown some problems with constantly being able to reset the tiles. I knew something else was going to be needed in order to stop it just being a tit for tat each turn, and I thought the mechanics of collecting the resources needed to bring the Naiads back to home base might slow things down a bit there. I was trying to mimic the game play of Scenic, so I was trying to make things work with a totally alterable modular board. That’s when I realised … Scenic doesn’t work that way.

In fact Scenic doesn’t allow you to move the cards you play, specifically to stop you from altering your board and gaining a higher score. Once you have played a card, it is locked in place and cannot be moved. That is the mechanic that needs to be brought over into the next game in the series.

So, now either everyone gets their own sets of tiles, and draws them to make an individual map (which seems boring) or each person takes turns placing a tile, and uses it to build a communal map that everyone has to use. This second configuration seems like a much more fun way to go.

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