My City – Hints & Tips – Chapter 3

This is one in a series of posts regarding the legacy game, My City. You can access all my posts on that game HERE.

The third envelope contains the elements required for Episodes 7 to 9. Open it up when you are ready for game 7. The information needed for each of those games is under the individual spoiler tags below.

Chapter 3 – The Flood

My City Envelope 3

Episode 7
Unremitting rains have caused the river running through your land to burst its banks, and rendered the area to the left of the river impossible to build upon. In this chapter, episodes 7 to 9, you are only allowed to construct your buildings on the right side of the river. The left side of the river is identical for all players. Therefore all spaces on the left side of the river (empty, or with rocks or trees) are ignored for scoring purposes during the next 3 games.

There are more than 30 spaces on the left side of the river that we are not covering with buildingsĀ  in the next 3 episodes. That’s a lot of buildings that we are not going to use. Now it’s possible that it means games will finish early, with much of the deck remaining. But much more likely, it will mean you are going to pass a lot more during the next 3 episodes, as you gamble on the perfect building being the next card that turns up. So a couple of reminders:

  • Churches must be built. You cannot pass when you draw a Church. With a lot fewer spaces, this will be trickier to manage.
  • You cannot pass if your score is already on 0. If you pass 10 times, you must place each successive building OR you end your play in the episode. Which reminds me, the special rule from episode 6, forbidding passing, is no longer in effect.
  • Negative points are not capped when you reach 0. If you are losing points for rocks, or empty green spaces, and you drop below 0, you must keep track of the negative number, to take it off any future points you earn. An alternative is to add all points for trees, building groups, wells and churches, and then take off the negative points, but keep an eye on things if points might go above the maximum 50 for one of the players.

The scoring rules are the same as Episode 6.

My City Episode 7 Rules

The player with the most points colours in 2 circles. In a game with 3 or more players, the player with the second most points colours in 1 circle. Then there are stickers to apply.

End of Episode 7 Stickers

For the first time we are covering a forest space that has a small square in the middle of it. The player with the most points does not get a sticker. The player with the second most points gets an empty green space sticker. And the player(s) that didn’t get the most, or second most points, gets a sticker with a tree.

Episode 7 Stickers

There are 2 choices with the tree sticker. Firstly, you can place it over a forest space that increases your play area, and might help with building placement. If you don’t need the space to construct a building, you get an extra point.

But the other option is to place it at the back of the forest, sheltered from any chance of constructing over it. Initially it will just be a guaranteed point every game, because it will be impossible to cover. These sticker placements occur again at the end of the next 2 episodes, so it’s possible you can start to build a little oasis, that you will eventually be able to build over. Keep it in mind.

Episode 8
My City Episode 8 Setup

Each player gets a Sawmill sticker at the start of game 8, and affixes it in the H11 & I11 spaces at the bottom left of their board. From this point on, you must construct the first building next to the sawmill. Every successive building must be built next to the sawmill or a previously constructed building. You cannot construct over the sawmill.

Like episode 7, you cannot build on the left side of the river.


MY City Rules Episode 8

The scoring is identical to episode 7. And circles are marked and stickers placed in the same way.

Episode 9
My City Episode 8 Set up

There are 2 important rule changes for episode 9. Firstly, just like episode 6, players can not pass. If a player cannot, or chooses not to construct a building, they end their participation in the episode.

Secondly, from now on, players can build on forest spaces. This gives players an extra 18 spaces on the right side of the river to construct buildings (and you still cannot use the the spaces on the left of the river in this episode), so less passing is required. And the great benefit to forest spaces, is that you do not lose points for any that remain at the end of the game. You don’t need to be perfect along the right hand edge with your building placement.

There are also more options to placing buildings, now that there are 4 spaces next to the sawmill that you can use.


My City Episode 9 Rules

Scoring is identical to the other 2 episodes in this chapter. And circles are coloured in, and stickers placed, in the same way as those 2 episodes.

End of Chapter 3

That is the end of Chapter 3, and to your enormous relief the flood subsides. The game carries on in Chapter 4: The Gold Rush. Open the next envelope when you are ready to continue.

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