My Top 10 Games of 2019

When thinking about a formula for my top 10 games of 2019, I knew it had to take into account both hours played and times played. In 2019 I played Sagrada 13 times for a total of 6 hours, and I played Terraforming Mars 4 times, for a total of 10 hours. It seems like simply adding the 2 numbers together would be a fair way to even out those two variables.

I then thought about adding in dollars spent on the game. But I couldn’t work out whether it should be an addition to the score, or a negative. On the one hand, playing a game I have owned for years obviously makes it a good buy. But, spending money on expansions, also means I am invested in the game, and still enjoy playing the core mechanics. In the end, I decided to leave it out of this years calculations.

Likes and dislikes

But there had to be one final metric. Because Pandemic Legacy Season 2, was my 5th most played game of the year, but my least favourite game. It is a hard game at 4 players. We were constantly losing, and the game changes were going ahead no matter how consistently we failed. It was the opposite feeling of accomplishing things, and moving a story forward via our success. After 17 plays, we abandoned the campaign, without much ado. But I digress …

I had to add in a final tweak for the list to reflect my enjoyment of the games. So I added a multiplier from my current Top 10 list. Top 2 would be x5, 3&4 would be x4, 5,6&7 would be x3 and 8,9&10 would be x2. This would mean all the other games below my top 10 would be x1, or have no modifier, which seems fair. So the formula to rank my games of the year, is

  • ([Hours played] + [Times played]) * [Top 10 modifier]

The resulting Top 10 feels about right. Special mention to Wingspan which didn’t quite make the list, but another play would have gotten it into ninth place. I am sure it will do better this year.

Tiny Towns
10. Tiny Towns – Score of 33.

This was a new game, purchased for my wife’s birthday in August. It is a fun resource management game, with engaging enough mechanic, to make into my top 10 list in September. It’s easy to teach, and quick to play. I’m sure it will get more than 7 plays in 2020.

Disney Villainous
9. Disney Villainous – Score of 34.

My daughter bought this in March, and we got some decent plays in during the year. Both expansions were received by family for Christmas, so we played a mammoth 7 player game Christmas evening.

I have played Ursula in all 7 of my plays of this game, determined to choose her until I win. I love that she doesn’t have a spot for “fighting” her Heroes, so clearing her top row is about using her spells, and capturing those poor unfortunate souls.

Betrayal Legacy Box
8. Betrayal Legacy – Score of 39.

The first 2018 game in my top 10, it is also the first to appear in back to back top 10 lists. I finished off 2 campaigns at the start of the year, which was the bulk of my 15 plays. I am sure this will get some plays in 2020, but I doubt it will be in my Top 10, 3 years in a row.

Aeons End Legacy
7. Aeon’s End Legacy – Score of 40.

Only 4 games into the campaign so far, and it has been a great introduction to this series. I have already bought Aeon’s End: The New Age, and am on the look out for others. Love the drafting and “no shuffling” mechanics, and the randomised Turn Order deck. I am not sure if this version itself will make my Top 10 for 2020, but I am sure one game in this “Universe” will be there.

6. Dinogenics – Score of 64.

This arrived in April, and got a half a dozen plays for the year. I enjoy the challenge of getting the most from the limited number of worker placements, and working with the cards you have. Expecting the expansion in February, I am sure this will be in my Top 10 in back to back years.

The Mind
5. The Mind – Score of 69.

This game is just amazing. Purchased at Easter, when we had an exchange student staying with us, I introduced this game to 21 people throughout the year. Such a simple premise, that can give such amazing highs when everyone is on the right wavelength. I have won The Mind, just 3 times of the 57 plays, and it is this scarcity that keeps me coming back for more.

Terraforming Mars Box
4. Terraforming Mars – Score of 70.

Received in 2018, this only had a handful of plays last year, but it was quite a few hours of enjoyment, especially as I added the Prelude expansion. I now have all the expansions, save for Colonies, and we use them all when we play, which means at least a 2 hour game. The Turmoil expansion is due early this year, with the upgraded player boards, so I’m sure this will make 3, Top 10 lists in a row.

Everdell Box
3. Everdell – Score of 96.

Another 2 time appearance, Everdell continues to delight. Played a couple of times with a borrowed copy of the Pearlbrook expansion, I still enjoy the basic game. I have backed one of the next lot of expansions, just for the ability to have a 6 player game. My daughter and son-in-law will have the complete set, so there will be plenty of chances to play with all the newness in 2020.

Keyforge Boxes
2. Keyforge – Score of 98.

Just edged out Everdell for the Number 2 spot, the release of 2 “expansions” this year has kept Keyforge high in my game plays for the year. Unfortunately my Favourite Local Game Store has closed its doors, and I’m not sure how motivated I am going to be to find another place to regularly play. I’ll still get some games in, but I predict it will fall out of my Top 10 for 2020.

Legendary Villains Box
1. Legendary Villains – Score of 141.

The only game to score above 100, the Marvel Legendary series is a perennial favourite. It’s January 5th, and it’s already got 4 plays this year. There are 4 expansions being released in 2020, and 3 others that I don’t currently have. No doubt, it will be vying for top spot again in 12 months time.

Would love to get your thoughts on my top 10, and hear what were your top games of 2019.

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