My Top 10 Games of 2020

I haven’t come up with a better system then the one I used last year. So My top 10 games of the year is based on my plays, and includes a modifier from my current Top 10 list. Top 2 get x5, 3&4 get x4, 5,6&7 get x3 and 8,9&10 get x2. 11 and below get no modifier. The formula to rank my games of the year, is

  • ([Hours played] + [Times played]) * [Top 10 modifier]

Aeons End Legacy
10. Aeon’s End: Legacy – Score of 32.

I finished the first campaign with my family at the start of 2020. And then my youngest daughter and I reset to play again, with us each playing 2 characters. We deliberately tried to make choices that we didn’t during the first campaign, so we now have a set of 8 very different Mages to use.

9. Carcassonne – Score of 35.

This was a lunch time favourite at work, which got enough plays to make the top 10. A classic tile laying game, with heaps o replayability.

Aeon's End: War Eternal
8. Aeon’s End: War Eternal – Score of 36.

The first new game (for me) in my top 10. After playing Legacy, and The New Age, I bought the second set, to mostly play with my youngest. It is widely touted as the hardest set, and it certainly proved to be.

My City
7. My City – Score of 40.

Another legacy game in my top 10. We are 6 games in, and really enjoying it. It’s a relatively simple game, that is developing nicely over the campaign. I am confident we’ll finish this in 2021.

6. Cribbage – Score of 41.

My grandfather taught me to play this game when I was a kid. And I have played an awful lot of it in my life time. I am happy to have added this to our lunch time rotation.

Aeon's End: The New Age
5. Aeon’s End: The New Age – Score of 44.

A few games into the Aeon’s End Legacy campaign, it was clear how good this series was. Some duplicates received in Christmas ’19, allowed me to swap them for this at a local game store. Played it a lot, and got the available expansions. This is the 3rd set to make it into my top 10, which should tell you what I think about this game. I am sure Aeon’s End: Outcasts will be in my list for 2021.

Everdell Box
4. Everdell – Score of 45.

Everdell was not played nearly enough in 2020, with only 4 plays in total. But I am still super eager to get it to the table, and so it makes my Top 10 for the 3rd year in a row. I picked up one of it’s expansions (and my daughter/son-in-law have the complete set) so I’m hoping to increase the number of plays this year.

The Game
3. The Game – Score of 56.

This is a simple game that is getting its plays during lunch time at work, nearly averaging a play every week. I don’t own a copy of the game, instead use my copy of The Mind.

Legendary Villains Box
2. Legendary – Score of 63.

Legendary dropped down to second place, but dropped 40 points. Plenty of plays, as always, but not being in my top 10 games, has cost it some points. No doubt it will still be in the top 10 next year, and maybe trying to reclaim the top spot. I received some expansions for Christmas, and am expecting more for my birthday in March.

1. Gloomhaven – Score of 108.

The only game to score above 100 this year, it takes the top spot due to time and hours played, spending a lot of weekends investigating what is on offer. The second new game for 2020, it is an okay game, but a bit repetitive to have played it 41 times for a total of 67 hours. It’s a game that tops my list, because I like spending time with my family.

With that said, we started alternating weekends near the end of 2020, to play other games. And more importantly, my daughter/son-in-law became parents in December. I am pretty sure that Gloomhaven will drop down the list quite dramatically in 2021 .

So that’s the majority of my game playing in 2020. Would love to hear what you got to the table.

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