Revised New Years Resolution

Near the end of 2018, I replied in a New Years Resolution thread, saying that, in 2019, I wanted to complete the 10×10 challenge, (10 plays of 10 games) and have 250 game plays all up. I had just bought the BG Stats app, which could start tracking these things for me, and it seemed a feasible goal. 3 weeks into the new year, I’m going to modify that goal.

10 x 10 challenge

I’m not changing this part. This should be doable. I’m going to finish two campaigns of Betrayal Legacy, and my Legacy Game group should knock off 3 more Legacy games before the year is done, which should all be more than 10 games. So that’s 4. Then there’s a handful of quick games which will churn out plays, like Keyforge, Tiny Ninjas & Sagrada, so that’s 7. Marvel Legendary hits the table a couple of times each school holidays, and Everdell & Terraforming Mars are pretty popular, so those are my predictions for my 10 play games. We’re also playing Stuffed Fables, so maybe that will edge out one of the others in this section.

365 total plays …

I am going to update my goal for total plays for the year, to average 1 each day. I was really guessing when I said 250, but actually counting how much we played in one week in January, 365 should be eminently achievable.

… which will including a 30 x 5 challenge

And this will probably be the trickiest goal to pull off. 5 plays of 30 games (not counting those in the 10×10 challenge). My games collection is not that big, so it is going to have to include games that family bring when they visit. And who knows if we will have time, or the inclination to play any of them 5 times? There’s a lot of games to play, and variety is the spice of life.

So that’s my game play goals for 2019.  Feel free to reply with what you hope to achieve, or even how things are going so far this year.

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