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So having played with the latest prototype of Scenic, utilising extra races and double sided cards, it seems like it might be too much for a single version of the game. During some play testing it became apparent that you could collect a set of 3 cards and get no bonus points for them, if they were a mixture of races and day/night cards. So, with the idea that maybe we should limit a Kickstarter stretch goal to only add night versions of Verdant Grove, we went back to the original single sided prototype we had produced, and added some blue circle stickers to some of the cards, to indicate they would be the night time versions.


To recap the cards required, the base version of the game would contain 36 cards: 3 x 9 cards of the daytime panorama, and 3 x 3 bonus cards (Widest, Tallest & Second Copy). If we add night versions of the panorama as a Kickstarter stretch goal, we are going to have to make at least 2 copies of both day time and night time panoramas, which would make up 36 cards by themselves. The bonus cards would be extras, and it would mean that a 2 player game does not use up all the cards in the game. The other alternative is to lose the bonus cards altogether, and keep it as a deck of 36 panorama cards. More play testing required, to see which of these would be preferable.

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