Scenic – Prototype 2

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I adjusted the panorama cards to use the Icons instead of English words, applied a colour grade to make Night versions of the cards, and added 3 new races, Brownies, Faeries and Jinns (using just their initials at the moment, as inspiration didn’t strike for their Icons). I generated a random number sequence to work out what faces would be paired up on each card, then double side printed the 36 cards, 9 to a page, onto 300gsm card stock.

PnP Scenic Prototype 2

Exacto knife, perspex straight edge and a self healing mat, and the cards were cut and separated. The double sided printing lined up very well, and a rounded corner clipper gave each card a nice finish.

Scenic PnP Prototype 2

Then onto a bit of play testing, with the new scoring rules. The first thing I noticed was that making a set of locations will always give you at least one bonus, but it is possible to make a set of races that mixes races and day/night cards to give you no bonus at all for those three cards. This means that the strategy of the game should always be focusing on the locations. So perhaps mixing races on the same cards is a mistake, and it should just be adding the variability with day and night cards.

Also, with this many elements in play, there are not that many cards that have two copies in the deck, so the “Second Copy” card loses most of its value. This would also be rectified a little by eliminating the second set of races, but the bonus points for that card should probably be increased, or eliminate that card from the game.

Dealing from the bottom of the deck seems to work okay and dealing in that way means discards can go straight on top of the deck. I have to play a lot more of these to see what else I can discover.

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