2020 Achievements

2020 Game Play Overview

2020 Game Play Overview

4 more plays than in 2019, and an extra 50 hours of play. The extra time is mostly due to a weekly Gloomhaven game with my daughter and her husband, who relocated back to Brisbane at the start of 2019. Also, the Australian and Queensland governments did a pretty good job of handling COVID so we didn’t really have any lockdown time which kept family from visiting each others houses. The closure of my local game store did end my foray into Keyforge games, so I played with only 17 different read more

2019 Achievements & 2020 Goals

2019 – a Good Year for Gaming

2019 Stats Overview

I set myself 3 goals at the beginning of the year. The first was to play 365 games, to average more than 1 a day. I ended with 402, plays, and over 249 hours of non stop gaming, totaling about a week and a half of 2019 at the board game table. 117 of those were lunch time games at work, which turned out to be super important for my play time for the year.

The second goal was to complete a 10×10, which I also did fairly comfortably. Only 2 Legacy games ended up on the list, as my Legacy read more