Fray Expansion – Gates

Continued from Fray Expansion – Urkonn

I finished the Bystander template, and I have made up the only Bystander that I was sure of. This is

Gates Bystander

S/he helps out both Fray and Buffy, so Investigating (forgot to but the Keyword in bold) for a Slayer seems thematic. Added the flavour text, to explain where the name comes from.

Painted out the easy stuff, but still need to get rid of the speech bubble. I’m also looking at the 2019 copyright. I wonder if I will get this finished before the years read more

Fray Expansion – Urkonn

Continued from Fray Expansion – Gunther

Urkonn – Not a Watcher

Urkonn, is a demon, sent to help prepare Melaka Fray for the upcoming fight against the darkness. He is quite adamant he is not a Watcher, whom he brands, for not bad reasons, fanatics. So he will have the Supernatural Icon, and his traits will be knowledge and strength. He needs to prepare Mel physically and mentally, which includes filling her in on the history of the Slayers. He is also working behind the scenes a little bit, to get things prepared, read more

Fray Expansion – Gunther

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Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Heroes in the Legendary games by Upper Deck, are a set of 14 cards. 5 copies of 2 different Common cards, 3 copies of an Uncommon card and 1 Rare. Small box expansions for the different Legendary games, consisting of 2 decks of card, generally contain 5 Heroes. This makes up 70 cards, of the maximum 108 available. I have already completed the 4 designs for 1 of the Heroes, Erin Fray. This post is about another Hero,


Gunther is a small time Crime Boss, who hires Melaka read more

9 Card Wingspan – Mechanics and a Name

The last two posts in this series looked at the Cards and the Components in the 9 card game inspired by Wingspan. This post will examine the Mechanics.

Aim of the Game

9 card Wingspan, like the original, is primarily about attracting birds to the habitats in your Wildlife Sanctuary. The winner is the player with the most points, which you gain from the birds, their eggs, cached food and end of round goals. The original game also has the mechanic of “flocking”, whereby you gain points for tucking cards read more

Time Travel Game – Affecting Your Own Past

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Star Trek Discovery, Season 2 Finale

Star Trek Discovery S2

Season 2 of the latest Star Trek series, has been (**Spoilers**) all about time travel. Well, actually it’s been all about family relationships, but the main Sci Fi trope in play is of a visitor from the future trying to change their past, by visiting our “present”, and preventing some events that caused a specific catastrophe. There’s going to be real **Spoilers** below, so don’t read ahead until you’ve finished the series, but read more