SeaFall – Game 1 Review

This is one in a series of posts regarding the Legacy game SeaFall. You can access my other SeaFall posts Here.

This post is my review of playing Game 1 with my Legacy Game Group. I will be keeping the reviews relatively Spoiler free, so that those thinking about purchasing, can get a feel of game play without ruining the story. I will talk openly regarding the components that are available to see upon opening the game for the first time, and will keep things vague regarding the locked content.

The Setup of Game 1

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Pretty much all my tabletop game playing takes place within a group of people that are essentially members of my extended family. I have been wanting to expand out of that bubble, and get a regular gaming group going, as a wider experience of playing games is obviously an important part of designing games. Some good friends of mine run a game store,  The Magic Vault, that has a large focus on public table space and private read more