More Custom Legendary Dividers

Civil War Dividers

I have received the proofs of a few more sets of Dividers, and after checking the spelling, and the class count, etc, they are now available for sale. You can now buy the custom dividers for the marvel legendary sets:

Secret Wars Vol. 1 Dividers

All the sets can be accessed from the Shop page. There are currently 14 available, approximately half. More will be coming soon.

Villains custom Dividers

Blank Dividers

A lot of the sets contain blank dividers. 15 dividers are cut from a sheet. And rather than waste the space when we only need 11, it makes read more

Customised Dividers for Marvel Legendary

I’ve been collecting expansions for Marvel Legendary since I started playing, and Upper Deck have been releasing them at an ever increasing rate. They have ramped up to 4 expansions a year, so the number of dividers included with the base sets were eventually going to be insufficient to keep the cards organised in any meaningful way. You can read more

Wingtip – Graphic Design

Continued from Wingtip Bonuses

I have built the first 3 sides of the bird cards, and as I have progressed, I have found things I have needed to tweak and adjust. This has meant revisiting the cards and adjusting things. But I think I am at a pretty good place now.

Side A of Card 2

Bird Card 2A

I have decided against adding a graphic to the Habitat Icon. They will be small on a poker sized card, and the 3 colours do the job cleanly. I am using the coloured “dice” from the Player Boards to indicate a Wild food read more

First Snow

Continued from Another expansion idea for Verdant Grove

First Snow is a 9 card Print ‘n’ Play nano game, by Tomas Uhlir as part of a 2017 competition on Board Game Geek. It ended up winning a bunch of the awards, including best overall game. It uses one card for scoring, two cards for the players to keep track of inventory, leaving just six cards for actual game play. It is set in Inuit read more