Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Breeding a Wilderness Dragon

The last limited event dragon has arrived, and it has a set breeding pair.

Wilderness Dragon Announcement


This pair shares plant, fire, cold, lightning, air, light and dark. It has a crazy number of possible outcomes.

Wilderness Dragon breed stats

4.5% breeding chance drops to 1.95% when you have over 225% set breeding percentages. This means 36 attempts required to get to the 50/50 breeding chance. With an average fail of over 16 hours, it would take approximately 24 days to get to an even money shot of getting one.

Cloning a WILDERNESS Dragon

The Wilderness Dragon shares read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Breeding a Chomp Dragon

The 3rd limited dragon of this event has arrived.

STYGIAN + Plant + Earth

One set parent, plus 2 elements. And plant/earth regular hybrids have super long breed times, so Forest is the best choice here for the second parent.

Stygian plus Forest breed stats

There is slightly over 100% of set breeding percentages, so Chomps breeding chance drops from 3.5% to 2.75%. This equates to 25 attempts to get to a 50/50 shot at breeding one. 16.33 hours average fail time, multiplies out to just over 17 days for an even money shot. In the 7 read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Breeding a Chuck Dragon

The Chimmit dragon has moved on, and the next limited has arrived. And it has a specific breeding combination.

Chuck Dragon Announcement


6 elements in the mix, means an awful lot of possibilities.

Chuck dragon breeding stats

Nearly 150% in set dragon breeding percentages, means they all get lowered by about a third. The 3.5% breeding chance of a Chuck dragon drops to 2.31%, which equates to 30 attempts required for an even money chance of breeding one. An astonishing 19.28 hours average fail time, means it would take more read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Breeding a Chimmit Dragon

(My initial tables included some expired limited dragons. The tables and times have been fixed. The recommendations have not changed. – Shane)

The first limited has arrived.

Chimmit Dragon Announcement

Lightning + Water + Light + Dark

So, it’s an interesting combination of elements, that has 2 golden hybrids with shorter breed times than regulars. So we’ll look at both of those. First up, Flash + Abyss.

Flash + Abysss breed stats

3% breeding chance means 23 attempts for a 50/50 shot. The average fail time is 12.46 hours, which means about 12 days for that read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Into the Wild

Dragonvale - Into the Wild Event

The 2021 camping event is underway, and for a change, the 3 permanent event dragons have only 2 elements. This allows us the freedom to introduce a third element when cloning, to decrease average fail time, without introducing the dreaded rainbow fails. The order I recommend you try for them is …

Aperture Dragon (cold/water hybrid)

The dragon made from those elements, with the shortest breed time is Ice (or Iceberg).

Aperture clone with Ice dragon

This one has a 10% clone chance, so just 7 tries required for the 50/50 chance. The average fail time read more