Wingtip – Player Board Adjustments

Continued from Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

After receiving feed back from Play Testers, I have made the first adjustments to the Player Board. These are all changes for clarity, and not for game mechanics.

Player Board Take 2

  • I have added icons to the title space of each row, to tie in better with the habitat Icons on each bird.
  • I have changed “Draw Card” to “Draw Bird”. In the same vein, the card Icon has been
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Fray Expansion – Loo

Continued from Fray Expansion – Gates

Another Bystander is done. I’m thinking there will just be two Bystanders in this expansion. 4 copies of each to shuffle into the existing deck seems like the way to go.

Loo Bystander

Loo is a friend of Mel’s. The daughter of the couple who run the local bar. Mel definitely thinks of her as a little sister, and a bonus that could be used for Recruit or Attack seemed appropriate.

Fray Expansion – Gates

Continued from Fray Expansion – Urkonn

I finished the Bystander template, and I have made up the only Bystander that I was sure of. This is

Gates Bystander

S/he helps out both Fray and Buffy, so Investigating (forgot to but the Keyword in bold) for a Slayer seems thematic. Added the flavour text, to explain where the name comes from.

Painted out the easy stuff, but still need to get rid of the speech bubble. I’m also looking at the 2019 copyright. I wonder if I will get this finished before the years read more

Fray Expansion – Urkonn

Continued from Fray Expansion – Gunther

Urkonn – Not a Watcher

Urkonn, is a demon, sent to help prepare Melaka Fray for the upcoming fight against the darkness. He is quite adamant he is not a Watcher, whom he brands, for not bad reasons, fanatics. So he will have the Supernatural Icon, and his traits will be knowledge and strength. He needs to prepare Mel physically and mentally, which includes filling her in on the history of the Slayers. He is also working behind the scenes a little bit, to get things prepared, read more