Wingtip – Player Board Adjustments

Continued from Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

After receiving feed back from Play Testers, I have made the first adjustments to the Player Board. These are all changes for clarity, and not for game mechanics.

Player Board Take 2

  • I have added icons to the title space of each row, to tie in better with the habitat Icons on each bird.
  • I have changed “Draw Card” to “Draw Bird”. In the same vein, the card Icon has been
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Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

Continued from Wingtip – The First Draft

I have played games a plenty of my 9 card version of Wingspan, and I have a handle on the Rules. I believe I have managed to get them down on paper, with rough images giving visual examples of the important things. So, I am making it available for download, and am looking for any sort of feedback on any aspect of the game play, rules, or anything else you can think of.


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Wingtip – The First Draft

Continued from Wingtip – Graphic Design

I finished the first draft of the 14 sides of all the bird cards and have combined them with the Player Boards into 2 pages of 9. I’ve learned a bit about creating a PnP since the last one I did, and as the bird cards seemlessly merge together at the edges, I have just placed small cross hatches in the corners, as guides for cutting. These will get clipped off when the corners are rounded.

Wingtip 9 Card Print Out

I printed double sided on my $40 Inkjet, and cut them read more

All Adrift

Continued from Exit Escape Rooms

To carry on the last thought from my previous Escape Room post, I’ve downloaded a view PnP Escape Room games, and they seem to have two options to resolve the answer part of the riddles: a Phone App, which is not something I can realistically do in the remaining time, or printing the answer to the puzzle, on the back of the card with the riddle. This seems to be a bit problematic, in that you can’t check the cards are organised correctly without read more

Modular, but Static, Hex Board

Continued from Walk through the Grove

A bit of play testing has shown some problems with constantly being able to reset the tiles. I knew something else was going to be needed in order to stop it just being a tit for tat each turn, and I thought the mechanics of collecting the resources needed to bring the Naiads back to home base might slow things down a bit there. I was trying to mimic the game play of Scenic, so I was trying to make things work with a totally alterable modular board. That’s read more