18 Card Legacy Competition – The Finalists

This is a post about the design and development of The Prodigals, an 18 card legacy game. This is an adjunct to a larger project of a currently unnamed Shipwreck Game. You can see the other Blog posts at the Index for the Game.

To cut to the chase, The Prodigals did not make the finals of the competition. So development from this point, is all my own. But there’s some fascinating games that did. You can see all their entry videos below.

Wingtip – Player Board Adjustments

Continued from Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

After receiving feed back from Play Testers, I have made the first adjustments to the Player Board. These are all changes for clarity, and not for game mechanics.

Player Board Take 2

  • I have added icons to the title space of each row, to tie in better with the habitat Icons on each bird.
  • I have changed “Draw Card” to “Draw Bird”. In the same vein, the card Icon has been
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Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

Continued from Wingtip – The First Draft

I have played games a plenty of my 9 card version of Wingspan, and I have a handle on the Rules. I believe I have managed to get them down on paper, with rough images giving visual examples of the important things. So, I am making it available for download, and am looking for any sort of feedback on any aspect of the game play, rules, or anything else you can think of.


Side A – read more

Wingtip – The First Draft

Continued from Wingtip – Graphic Design

I finished the first draft of the 14 sides of all the bird cards and have combined them with the Player Boards into 2 pages of 9. I’ve learned a bit about creating a PnP since the last one I did, and as the bird cards seemlessly merge together at the edges, I have just placed small cross hatches in the corners, as guides for cutting. These will get clipped off when the corners are rounded.

Wingtip 9 Card Print Out

I printed double sided on my $40 Inkjet, and cut them read more

All Adrift

Continued from Exit Escape Rooms

To carry on the last thought from my previous Escape Room post, I’ve downloaded a view PnP Escape Room games, and they seem to have two options to resolve the answer part of the riddles: a Phone App, which is not something I can realistically do in the remaining time, or printing the answer to the puzzle, on the back of the card with the riddle. This seems to be a bit problematic, in that you can’t check the cards are organised correctly without read more