Dragonvale – Thanksgiving Event 2021 – Breed a Squish Dragon

The final limited of the Thanksgiving event has arrived. And a specific pairing of parents is needed to breed a Squish dragon.

Squish dragon announcement

Bogberry + Feast

This pairing shares plant, fire, earth, water and light.

Squish dragon breed stats

(Bog added, thanks to Jacquire Briggs, and the numbers adjusted accordingly. 🙂 Shane)

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Dragonvale – Thanksgiving Event 2021 – Breed a Huddle Dragon

The next limited dragon has arrived. And a set combination is needed to breed a Huddle dragon.

Huddle Dragon Announcement

Harvest + Karroot

The pairing combines plant, earth, water, light & dark. Oh, and I know Karroot doesn’t actually have a breed or clone chance. I had to put in a very small percentage to differentiate it from a regular hybrid, which actually has a 0 set percentage. Karroot does not appear as a possibility in the following list.

Huddle dragon breed stats

There is greater than 100% of set percentages, so the 3.75% chance to breed read more

Dragonvale – Thanksgiving Event 2021 – Country Dragon

First event limited dragon is here, with set parents.

Country dragon announcement

Harvest Moon + Seed

The combo to breed a Country dragon shares plant, earth, cold, lightning, water and light.

Country dragon breed stats

All those set percentages drops the chance of breeding a Country dragon from 3.8% to 2.18%. 35 attempts required for a 50/50 chance, and an average fail time of just over 15 hours. This means a fraction under 22 days for an even money chance of breeding one. Breeding non stop for 7 days will give you a 23% chance of getting one.

Clone a Country dragon

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Dragonvale – Thanksgiving Event 2021 – Country Roads

Country Roads

The Penultimate Event of 2021 is underway, with the obligatory 3 event dragons, that can only be cloned. From easiest to hardest, they are:

Razortail Dragon

The first one is a plant, metal opposite hybrid. This is the one type of pairing when a primary dragon can actually be a result. Therefore, it’s the one time when using a Plant dragon could be the right choice. 🙂

Razortail dragon clone stats

There is a 10% chance of cloning a Razortail dragon, so 7 attempts are needed for an even money chance of cloning read more