Time Travel Game – Affecting Your Own Past

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Star Trek Discovery, Season 2 Finale

Star Trek Discovery S2

Season 2 of the latest Star Trek series, has been (**Spoilers**) all about time travel. Well, actually it’s been all about family relationships, but the main Sci Fi trope in play is of a visitor from the future trying to change their past, by visiting our “present”, and preventing some events that caused a specific catastrophe. There’s going to be real **Spoilers** below, so don’t read ahead until you’ve finished the series, but read more


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Revisiting the Time Loop idea after watching some more Travelers. If you haven’t watched any of yet, the premise revolves around the consciousness of humans from hundreds of years in the future, being sent back to over write the consciousness of present day humans, just before those present day humans would die. The new consciousness from the future, read more

Magic to Make the Sanest Man go Mad

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So the new series Star Trek: Discovery delved into the Time Loop trope with episode 7 of the first season. There may be some **Spoilers** to follow, so, if you haven’t seen it, well, you have been warned.

In the Discovery episode, from which this blog post borrowed its title, Harry Mudd sneaks aboard the U.S.S. Discovery and uses a Time Loop to interrogate the crew, as a way of learning how their propulsion system works. Essentially he threatens them with death and read more

Time Loops

One of the game ideas I am developing revolves around the “Groundhog Day” concept of reliving a day until a certain goal is achieved. The mechanics would involve a reset of resources to the game starting point, so that the players would be disadvantaged in this way, but they would be gaining knowledge during each reset to help them achieve their goal. An easy way to work on this game is to read more