Top 10 Games – September 2020

6 Monthly review of games I would like to play, using Pub Meeple.

Top 10 September 2020

My City and Iwari, are 2 new games, that I am keen to get more plays of. Vindication and Stone Age are old games that I am keen to get more plays of. The other 6 are the usual favourites.

So Gloomhaven, Tiny Towns and the 2 Aeon’s Ends have moved out of the top 10. Gloomhaven I am still playing almost weekly, so I guess I don’t feel the urge to specifically choose it. I have gotten Aeon’s End: War Eternal since March, and played a bunch of it as well, but enough so that it only made it to the 11th spot. A new set is due out before Christmas, so I’m sure it will be represented at the end of the year. Tiny Towns I still enjoy, but I guess I’m looking for something a bit heavier at the moment.

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