Wingtip – Bird Cards

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The vast majority of cards needed for a game of Wingtip, are those that contain birds. As previously mentioned, these will be double sided cards, and will have 5 birds on each side. I need to build 14 sides of bird cards for Wingtip, and the latest attempt at Card 1, Side A is below.

Bird Card 1 Side A

I have collected over 100 bird images by Elizabeth Gould, and I only have spots for 70 birds, so hopefully that will be enough. Now it is just a matter of placing the birds on the cards, with a good mixture of habitat, food and benefits.

There are only about 15% of cards with a “Play” benefit. But I am going to increase that to 2 each side, because of the much lower number of “Activated” benefits.

Now that I’m look at it, I’m not sure about the blank space under 3 of the birds. I don’t want to fill it with flavour text, because I think the less distraction the better. I’ll put the birds with text in the top row with the Bonus. Then I can give them a bit more spac, and shrink down the space for the bottom row.

I went through the original cards to get a feel for Victory Point vs Food cost, because I don’t want to reinvent that wheel.

And I grabbed an Icon for “Bird” for the Bonus space. Will find appropriate ones to fill out the rest of the Bonuses on the other cards.

Take 2 coming. Then with the template nailed down, I should be able to create the 13 other cards sides pretty quickly.

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