Wingtip – Player Board Adjustments

Continued from Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

After receiving feed back from Play Testers, I have made the first adjustments to the Player Board. These are all changes for clarity, and not for game mechanics.

Player Board Take 2

  • I have added icons to the title space of each row, to tie in better with the habitat Icons on each bird.
  • I have changed “Draw Card” to “Draw Bird”. In the same vein, the card Icon has been changed to reflect a Bird Space on a Bird Card.
  • I have altered the dice on the top row, to show the first numbers that relate to each food type. And I swapped the colours on the food cube to match the numbers.
  • I added dark lines before and after the Bird spaces, and around the text on individual Board spaces.
  • Finally, to aid readability, to the action you take on an opponents turn, the dark background space has been replaced with a red box and background.

Continued in Wingtip – Bird Card & Rule Adjustments

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