Aeon’s End: The New Age – Hints & Tips for Game 4

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Aeon’s End: The New Age. You can access all my other “AE: The New Age” posts HERE. This post offers Hints & Tips before the fourth Game, and will contain **spoilers from the first, second & third games**. You have been warned.

Deck 3B

Deck 3B is the last opportunity to add new cards, before the final battle of the campaign. Level 3 Treasure cards are first, and each player gets to choose one before the final battle. Unlike Level 1 Treasures, they are not added to your deck, but are a bonus you get during game play. Some give a one time bonus at the start of the game. Others give an ongoing bonus during each turn, or when you satisfy certain criteria. Like the Level 2 Treasures, you need to be vigilant to make sure you are claiming these when you should.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Level 3 Treasures

Envelope 3b

The Envelope contains the 7th Mage, Talix. Deck 3B contains his unique starter cards, and some more Sparks, to make his starting hand and deck.

Talix has no Crystals in his starting cards. Instead his starting hand and deck is each made up of 4 Sparks and his unique card, Furnacium. Furnacium is a Relic that is worth 1 aether, and allows you to discard up to 3 spells, in exchange for 1 aether each. His first turn could be to discard 2 Sparks, to have a total of 3 aether to open his Breach II and prep his remaining 2 Sparks to his first 2 breaches.

I’ll also make note of the last sentence on his card, as it can be missed whilst you are focusing on spending aether and prepping spells. “You may place this on top of your deck.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Mage Talix

Your deck is set up with your 4 Sparks on top, and your other Furnacium at the bottom. Whether you discard your Furnacium, or put it on top of your deck, your second hand is going to be identical to your first. But if you return your Furnacium from your second hand to the top of your deck, you will be in the position to draw them both for your third hand. This will allow you to discard all your Sparks, and give you 5 buying, to buy a big gem or Spell. You can then place both your Furnaciums on top of your deck, to do it again on your fourth hand. Eventually you will want to split them up again, by discarding one, and placing one on top of your deck.

Talix’s ability requires 5 charges, and you can do 1 of 2 things. First, you can destroy 2 Sparks in hand, to shuffle your turn order card back into the turn order deck. This will give you an extra turn this round, at the same time as thinning out your deck. The other ability is to give Gravehold 5 life.

New Market Cards

The remainder of deck 3B is new Market Cards, which are to be placed into the Barracks. When setting up for the Market for the next Battle, you must choose your 9 supply piles from the 12 that are available. Those not chosen will be placed in front of the Banished Supply Divider.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Market 3B

Battle 4

The rest of this post is about the prep required for the last battle. Deck 4 and Envelope 4 contain the mat, cards, etc for the next Nemesis. I will keep those elements under Spoiler Tags, for those that don’t want to know before they have opened those parts in the game. When you are ready, read card 11 of the Expedition Deck to continue with the story.

Envelope 4
Contents of Envelope 4
This envelope contains the Nemesis Mat and Divider for Fenrix. It also contains 4 position tokens. Each position token is given to that numbered player, and any unused are returned to the box.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Nemesis Fenrix

Fenrix has a Claw deck, consisting of 5 identical Minion cards. A claw comes into play whenever Fenrix has 4 Nemesis tokens on him. And a player can place their position token, whenever a Claw comes into play. This is important, because a player can only damage a Claw, if their position token is on it. Other then when Claws first appear, players can only place their position token on a Claw, during their main phase. So, if a player destroys a Claw with the first spell of their Casting phase, their position token is returned to them, and they do not have the ability to damage any other Claws during that Phase.

The other important element, is that defeated Claws go back to their deck, so they can be drawn again. If there is ever a time when all 5 Claws have been placed in play, the players lose.

 Deck 4
Contents of Deck 4
Deck 4 starts with some more Upgraded Basic cards. Add these to the ones you already have, and use them all when you create the Nemesis Deck. A 2 player game will have a Nemesis deck consisting of all Nemesis and Upgraded Basic cards.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Fenrix Cards

Next are the 5 Claws, and then the 9 Fenrix cards. Create the Nemesis deck as per normal, and you are ready for the final battle.

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