Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Breeding a Kroki Dragon

The next limited dragon has arrived. It also requires a specific dragon and 2 elements.

Kroki Dragon Announcement

DAYLILY + Plant + Earth

As Minyaz reminded me about the breeding hint for Narcis, plant is already shared by the Daylily dragon. So we only need an earth hybrid (that includes plant, fire or air) to breed with the Daylily. There is no regular earth hybrid dragon with a short breed time (8 hours for Obsidian is the shortest) so Sandstorm is the way to go.

Kroki dragon breed stats

Daylily has a 1% cloning chance in regular breeding caves, and 3.5% in read more

Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Breeding a Narcis Dragon

The first limited dragon of the event has arrived. It requires an epic dragon + 2 elements

Narcis Dragon Announcement

OUROBORUS + Dark + Metal

The regular dark + metal dragon with the shortest breed time is Promethium. Ouroborus adds Metal, Lightning and Water to the mix. As the Apocalypse element doesn’t help breed any dragons, the fails are only dragons made from the mixture of Lightning, Water, Metal & Dark.

Narcis dragon breeding stats

Ouroborus itself can’t be bred, so there is only a 2% chance of cloning it. There’s a couple of Treasure read more

Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Eggciting Egg Hunt

Eggciting Egg Hunt

Easter is on its way, and a new Dragonvale event has begun. New decorations are available, and as usual we begin the event with 3 new event dragons. These dragons cannot be bred in your park, but you can clone one in the CBC if a friend is sharing it. Let’s look at some numbers, starting with the easiest dragon to clone.

Wolper Dragon

The Wolper Dragon shares 4 elements: plant, fire, earth & light, and has a 1.5% chance of cloning. The regular dragon with the shortest breed time containing those read more

Dragonvale – Breeding a Magnolia Dragon

This post has been edited, including replacing the 2 tables. I forgot that Sun made a 4th element, and so made Rainbow and Double Rainbow a breed possibility. I also had Midday in there as a possible breed, when actually it was only possible to be cloned. Thanks to Kristin who helped me see my mistakes. Shane (13th March, 2021)

The Magnolia dragon has been released, and is breedable with any combination that includes plant + sun. The sun dragon with the shortest breed time is Midday at 16 hours. read more