Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Breed a Rotblossom Dragon

The next limited event dragon has arrived. And a very apt combination is required to breed a Rotblossom dragon.

Rotblossom dragon Announcement

Thicket + Decay

This combination shares plant, fire, earth & cold.

Rotblossom dragon breed stats

It has a 3% breeding chance, which drops to 2.635% with all the set percentages among the fails. This means 26 attempts for a 50/50 chance to breed a Rotblossom dragon. The average fail time is just under 13 hours, which means a smidge over 14 days for an even money shot.

Cloning a Rotblossom

It shares the same elements as the breeding combination, read more

Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Breed a Brood Dragon

The first limited dragon of an event is always a greatly anticipated arrival. Everyone’s wondering about its look & design, its breed time, and the combination needed to breed a Brood dragon.

Brood dragon Announcement

Gatren + Dracabra

This combination shares plant, fire, earth, cold, lightning and dark. An awful lot of fails.

Brood dragon breed stats

The 3.1% breeding chance drops to less than 1.5. 47 attempts are required for a 50/50 chance to breed a Brood dragon. Average fail time of 14.22 hours, means nearly 27.84 days of read more

Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Whitbee’s Candy Bash IX

The Halloween Event for 2022 has arrived, with an oddly familiar upside down look. It’s the Strangerest Thing …

There are 3 new permanent event dragons, and they all have a reasonable chance to be cloned. But as usual, we’ll look at the easiest first.

Edit: DECA has removed the water element from the Dortal dragon, and I have edited the text, and replaced table below. Interestingly, removing water increased the average fail time, and the time required read more

Breeding Twins in Dragonvale – Cap at Attempt 19

This is the second post about an investigation into the chances of breeding Twins in Dragonvale. Post 1 can be read HERE.

I’ve bred more than 150 twins, and added my data to the original from Axew. The tables and graph look like this.

Dragonvale Twins Data - 252 Breeds

The number of twins bred on attempts 6, 9 and 11 are outliers to the curve seen in the graph, and probably just due to the sample size. I can’t imagine game designers intentionally messing with the numbers this way. It would be a lot of work, for no read more

Breed a Twin in Dragonvale – What are the chances?

The Cooperative Breeding Cave (CBC) was added to the Dragonvale in its 4th year, as a way of allowing some interaction between players. You can breed one of your dragons with the dragon of a friend. This can give you access to dragons you don’t have, for cloning purposes, and/or to use in specific breeding combinations. It also gives you a new type of dragon to collect …


Twin Banner

“Sometimes Cooperative Breeding can result in twins, one for each participating player. Twins are read more