Top 10 Games – September 2019

Jamey Stegmaier recently posted his Top 10 list which he updates every 6 months. His most recent list was populated by, which grabs the information from Board Game Geek and asks a series of preference questions. Would you rather play A or B? Would you rather play A or C? It seemed like an interesting experiment, so I thought I would give it a go.

I only have 46 games listed in my Board Game Geek profile, and this translated to over 140 preference questions. Done on a computer, it’s as simple as pressing the right or left arrow, to indicate your preference. It only took a couple of minutes, and the results are as follows.

My Top 10

Aeon’s End Legacy might be a bit of an anomaly. We are only 3 games into the campaign, so I am very keen to see play it, and see what happens next. But it is a different type of Legacy Game, because the end result will be characters you can use to play the other expansions of the game. This is my first experience with Aeon’s End, and I am enjoying the game play. I do think I’ll be playing more of it, after the Legacy campaign is completed.

Horizons is the other interesting one to make the list. I’ve only played it a couple of times, using the default factions, so I am keen to get it to the table some more, to see what other game play is there. The trick is finding some players, that want to give it some play.

The rest seem of the list seems pretty close to how I would have placed them. It has been an interesting exercise, and I’ll revisit the process again in the future.

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