3rd Anniversary

Today’s July 23rd, so it must be the 3rd anniversary of this blog. This is post 147, which is a post each week for the last year (on average), + 1 extra to claw back some of the ground I need to make up. Just 10 behind now. The last 12 months have been a good mix of posting about game designs and tips for Legacy games.

I have got a couple of prototypes out there, and had some fun feedback on Wingtip and The Prodigals. Still a couple of things to do with the first, and plenty to do on the second. They will both be wrapped up in the next 12 months, and will hopefully have a third game out available.

There have also been a few sales of the various Keyforge boxes I have released. I mean “a few” in the literal sense of the phrase. But it’s enough interest to prompt me to make them in “World’s Collide” purple and “Mass Mutation” black. I hope to have the templates worked out this time, so making the new colours for future releases will be easier.

Site Stats

Pages views have been traveling along nicely, with another nice spike in traffic after the digital version of Charterstone was released. Currently just over 82,000 page views, so more views last year than the first 2 put together.

Blog Stats 23/07/20

Charterstone posts are still the bulk of my most popular, but 2 Betrayal Legacy posts have made it into my top 10. It is satisfying to be helping other gamers.

Pageviews 23/07/20


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