Aeon’s End: Legacy – Hints & Tips for Game 4

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Aeon’s End: Legacy. You can access all my other posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for the fourth game of the campaign, and will contain Spoilers from Games 1 through 3. You have been warned.

End of Game 3

During the conclusion of Chapter 3, you will have opened Insight 6 to add the first equipment to your player mat. There is a sticker to modify the piece of equipment in question, but some of the player boards will already have the art in place for this modification. This production error means the sticker is not required if you are playing one of those characters.

You will add the equipment power to your player mat, and you will start to see how the modifications can build on each other.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Equipment 1

For example, if you chose to make your starter card a spell, then the ability to gain 1 aether when you cast 2 spells, means you will have 5 aether to spend on your second turn, allowing you to pick up a decent card early on. Look at your earlier alterations, and see what combinations you can build.

Box C

You will also open box C, which reveals silence tokens. Placing a silence token on a minion, stops it from performing its persistent ability on the next turn. Instead, you discard the silence token, which will help you mitigate the damage they can do.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Silence Tokens

Supply Cards from Deck III

Only 1 new card takes advantage of the new Silence keyword. Having a Soothing Torporene in your deck will allow you the option of spending, or stopping a minions attack for a turn.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Supply Cards Deck III

But there are plenty of good choices to be had. Remember you must swap 2, and they must be like for like.

A Friend in Danger

Next up is the set up for Game 4. Don’t open the spoiler tags if you want the next game to be a surprise.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Chapter 4 Envelope

Enveloper Chapter 4 - A Friend in Danger & Deck IV

There is no special setup for Fungal Mesh. Just make its nemesis deck in the usual way. But there a new generic nemesis token has been added. These are counters to keep track of nemesis abilities that require more than 1 Unleash to trigger. Fungal Mesh, for example, has an ability that triggers when there are at least 2 nemesis tokens on its mat.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Fungal Mesh

The Fungal Mesh ability forces a player to cast a spell to deal damage to Gravehold or any player. It is worth keeping a Spark prepped for this purpose.

Deck IV only starts with the 9 cards required to make the Fungal Mesh nemesis deck. Put the rest of the deck in front of the “Current Stop Deck” divider.


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