Answers for Dragonvale Trivia – 8th of November, 2020

This is the entry page for “Dragonvale by the Numbers” Trivia at The Dragonvale Community. Click HERE to get the questions. Click on the Spoiler links for the questions, and enter the answers below.

  • Answers must come from your memory. Don’t look for answers any where on the net, or in your Dragonvale game.
  • You are on the honour system. It’s just a bit of fun.
  • Phonetic still counts. I won’t mark you wrong for misspelling.

Winner(s) will get 3 lots of gems and treats from me, as long as they don’t mind accepting my friend request. And I’ll randomly draw another name from all the entries to receive some gems and treats as well. If anyone has an idea of other dragonvale type prizes that I could offer, let me know.

Good luck.

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