Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Breeding a Glasswing Dragon

This post has been updated after a late change in the game of the details of the Glasswing dragon. Shane

The last limited dragon of the Eggciting Egg Hunt has arrived. It has a breed time of 30 hours and like all but the previous limited, the breeding combination is one set parent + some elements.

Glasswing Dragon

DAYDREAM + Light + Dark

But unlike others, Daydream shares both of those elements, so you can literally breed any dragon with it in order to get a Glasswing dragon. The elements Daydream shares are air, light and dark. And the dragon with the shortest breed time using those elements is Wind.

Glasswing dragon breed stats

3.75% chance of breeding a Glasswing, means 19 attempts for an even money shot. An average fail time of 13.44 hours means 10.64 days untill you have a 50/50 shot of breeding one.

I put the numbers in with trying to clone with a Plant dragon, an Air dragon, a Poison dragon, but Wind gives the shortest average fail time, so the best chance of breeding one. But like all the previous event dragons, Glasswing has a 10% cloning chance.

Cloning a Glasswing Dragon

A Glasswing dragon shares the same 3 elements as Daydream when used as a parent, so Wind is again the best dragon to clone with.

Glasswing dragon clone stats

10% chance of cloning a Glasswing dragon means 7 attempts required for a 50/50 shot. The average fail time of 12.5 hours means 3.65 days for an even money shot at cloning. Cloning non stop for the remainder of the event will give you an 87% chance of cloning one.

But as I said above, you can pair any dragon with Daydream to breed a Glasswing. And so Daydream + Glasswing will combine the percentages of breed and cloning.


Glasswing dragon breed and clone stats

This makes 13.75% chance of obtaining one, meaning only 5 attempts are required for the 50/50 shot. A fail time of just under 13 hours adds up to 2.7 days for an even money shot of breeding one. Non stop breeding of a Glasswing + Daydream will give you a 94% chance of getting one by the end of the event. The best combination is

Daydream + Glasswing

Good luck everyone.

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