Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2021 – Into the Dark

There is a new Dragonvale event underway, and 3 new event dragons that are available for the duration. These dragons cannot be bred outright, but they can be cloned. Let’s take a look, in order of difficulty.

Etch Dragon

The first dragon shares just plant and dark elements.

Etch cloned with Fungus stats

10% cloning chance means 7 attempts required for a 50/50 shot. 12.23 hours average fail, means 3.57 days for an even money chance of cloning one. But with only 2 elements in the mix, we can add a fire element, to try and bring down the average fail time, without blowing it out with the Rainbows.

Cloning with Poison

Etch cloned with Poison stats

Average fail time drops to 8.18 hours, so only 2.39 days for a 50/50 shot of cloning an Etch dragon. I recommend


Infernus Dragon

The Infernus dragon shares cold, water and fire.

Inernus dragon cloning stats

Cloning with Ice or Iceberg will do the trick. Still 7 attempts required for the 50/50 chance, and the average fail time is 8.85 hours. 2.58 days for an even money chance.

Funis Dragon

Funis shares plant, fire, water and light, and so cloning with Poison is the way to go.

Funis dragon cloning stats

4 elements means Rainbow and Double Rainbow are possibilities, and the average fail time is 9.31 hours. Still a 10% chance of cloning, and the average fail time is still only 9.31 hours. This makes 2.72 days for an even money chance of getting one.

All 3 dragons are fairly easily to clone in this event. So good luck to us all.

Oh, and the new reset time means this event started at midnight my time. There’s going to be a good 5 or 6 hours before I am going to have the chance to visit The DragonVale Community forum. If someone wanted to paste a link to this post in the Into the Dark event thread, I would appreciate it. I’ll be sure to send you some gems. 🙂

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  1. Jacob SmithSeptember 24, 2021 at 7:00 amReply

    Are you from eastern Australia? That’s really the only place the reset would occur at midnight…

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