Dragonvale – Paradise Event 2021 – Pirates in Paradise

A new event has kicked off, and as usual there are 3 permanent event dragons that can only be bought for magic, or cloned in the CBC. In Alphabetical order, the first, and very pirate themed dragon, is the …

Ahoy Dragon

It shares fire, earth, water and air when you clone with it, making Mud the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Ahoy dragon clone with Mud

10% cloning chance, as always, means 7 attempts are needed for a 50/50 shot of getting one. Average fail time when cloning with Mud is 12.44 hours, meaning an average of 3.63 days needed for your even money chance. Hopefully you can get it that quick and move on to one of the other permanents before the first limited event dragon arrives.

Sandstorm dragon has a much shorter breed time, so I’ll just check those numbers as well …

Ahoy dragon clone with Sandstorm

Slightly longer average fail time. Slightly longer to try 7 attempts for the 50/50 chance. Ahoy + Mud is the best choice. But only just.

Ikatako Dragon

The next dragon shares earth, lightning, water and dark. Again Mud is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Ikatako dragon clone with Mud

This dragon also has a 10% cloning chance, but the dragons made from these elements make an average fail time an hour longer than the Ahoy. This increases the time required for a 50/50 shot to just over 4 days.

Wisp is a golden hybrid with a 2 hour breed time, so we’ll look at that as a cloning option.

Ikatako dragon clone with Wisp

In the same way, this makes things just slightly longer. Ikatako + Mud is the best option, again by the slightest margin.

Zilla Dragon

The 3rd dragon shares fire, cold, water & dark when you clone with it. Ruin is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Zilla dragon clone with Ruin

It has the shortest average fail time (just) of all 3 dragons, and a breed time of 3.62 days for your even money shot at it. Like the other 2, it has a rare hybrid with a shorter breed time. So …

Zilla dragon clone with Frostbite

And again the regular hybrid makes the ever so slightest better choice for cloning. Zilla + Ruin is my suggestion.

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  1. JacquIreBriggsJune 18, 2021 at 5:55 amReply

    Shouldn’t Party be in place of Aurora?

    1. Shane FletcherJune 18, 2021 at 5:59 amReply

      Hmm … will double check that after work today. Cheers.

      Edit: Adjusted. Thanks again.

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