Dragonvale – Summer Event 2021 – Breeding a Lunk Dragon

Lunk Dragon Announcement

The Social Cloning percentage has been adjusted by DECA, and so this post has been modified. – Shane

The first limited dragon of the Spectacular Spectacle has arrived, and it has a specific breeding pair.


Not a bad pairing as things go. They are only sharing 3 elements; cold, lightning & light; so there is no chance of a Rainbow or Double Rainbow. The epic fails that will slow us down are Sun/Moon and Blue Moon.

Lunk dragon breeding statistics

The cloning percentage of Gamma means that nearly 1 time in 5 you will have it as a fail, which will tie up your breeding cave for 19 hours. This is a large part of the reason the average fail time is 12.82 hours. The Lunk dragon itself has a 4% chance of breeding, which means 17 attempts are required for an even money chance. This means 9.08 days for that 50/50 shot of getting one.

Cloning a Lunk Dragon

Lunk now has a 10% cloning rate and Storm is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Lunk Cloning Percentage Updated

Having Storm with the 20% chance, rather than Gamma, takes 90 minutes off the average fail time. And a 10% clone chance means only 7 attempts needed for an even money chance. Which means breeding non stop for just over 3 days to have a 50% chance of getting one. Storm + Lunk breed non stop for 7 days it is available will give you a 81.5% chance of obtaining one.


is the recommendation. Good luck for the next 7 days.

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