Dragonvale – Winter 2020 Event – Breeding an Angler Dragon

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The Angler dragon has been added to Dragonvale and is available until the event ends. It is another limited dragon with a specific set of parents.

Venture + Gulletail

This combination of dragons adds plant, fire, earth, cold, lightning, air and metal elements. A dizzying array of dragons is possible from this pairing.

Breed Angler dragon

The first thing of note is that Gulletail has a social cloning chance of 0, so it does not appear as one of the possible outcomes.

Then there are 274.85% of set outcomes. This eliminates all the regular dragons, and drops each set dragon chance by nearly two thirds. The 1.5% of breeding an Angler dragon, drop to nearly half of one percent. 127 breeding attempts are required to give you a 50/50 shot of getting one. This is 13 attempts a day in the rift, up to the cost of the first 5000 breed. 19, 541 etherium spent each day, for 10 days. To give you an even money shot of breeding one.

In the main park, with an average fail time of 16.38 hours, you would need to breed for 86.68 days, non stop, to have a 50/50 shot of breeding one. You will have 15 attempts in the next 10 days (if you don’t speed up fails) which will give you just an 8% chance of acquiring one.


The Angler dragon only adds cold and air elements when you breed with it. The dragon with the shortest breed time with those elements is Snow.

Angler cloning stats

There are only 4 possible fails, with an average fail time of 8.77 hours. 17 attempts for an even money chance to get one will take 6.21 days. Breeding non stop for the next 10 days will give you 28 attempts, and nearly 70% chance of getting one.

Cloning with Plant Element

I checked what adding the plant element might look like. It adds a 4th element (plant, cold, air + ornamental) so Rainbow and Double Rainbows are possible fails.

Angler cloning with plant element stats

This combination adds 5 dragons under the previous 8.77 hour average, but also 7 dragons above that average. It adds 0.72 hours (43.2 minutes) to the average fail time, which means an extra half a day for 17 attempts. So …

Angler + Snow is my recommended breeding combination for acquiring the Angler dragon.

Good luck.

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