My City – Hints & Tips – Chapter 7

This is one in a series of posts regarding the legacy game, My City. You can access all my posts on that game HERE.

The seventh envelope contains the elements for My City, Chapter 7: The Railroad, Episodes 19, 20 & 21. Opening up the envelope will give you access to everything you need for the next 3 games. But I will reveal the information needed for each of those episodes one at a time, under the individual spoiler tags below.

Chapter 7 – The Railroad

My City Envelope 7

Episode 19
At last! The railroad has reached your city. Valuable transport and trading lines have been constructed, which in turn lead to the development of a city harbor. Your local investor, however, is backing out.

Prep for Chapter 7

First up, the investor is not required for the rest of the campaign. Bag them up, and leave them in the box. They are no longer a source of points in the game. Instead everything will revolve around the railroad.

My City Chapter 7 - The Investor leaves


There are 4 sheets of stickers in envelope 7. The first one has all the railroad tracks on it.

My City Chapter 7 Stickers1

Each player gets a skinny sticker which adds a length of railroad to the bottom of the player board. The river that passes underneath the railroad is a good way to check it’s lined up correctly.

My City Chapter 7 Railroad Sticker 1

Sticker sheets 2 and 3 have large stickers that go in the empty box at the bottom of each player board.

My City Chapter 7 Sticker Sheet 2

My City Chapter 7 Sticker Sheet 3

Place the left sticker, with the river on it, first as this will help line them up. Make sure you don’t have it upside down. 🙂 Then add the right sticker, ensuring it is up the right way as well.

My City Chapter 7 Railroad stickers 2

Earning Points

From now on, the Railroad Rule applies. Every time you place a building that covers at least 1 space in the bottom row, thus builds next to the railroad track, you announce it out loud, and earn 1 point. Note: Even if you cover more than 1 space, you still only earn 1 point.

The Track Rule

The first person(s) to place a building, so that all 11 spaces of the bottom row are covered, announces this out loud, and gets a track sticker from the first sticker sheet. Each player that has covered all 11 spaces of the bottom row by the end of the episode gets a track sticker. It is possible to earn 2 tracks by the end of episode 19.

These stickers extend the track, starting at the bottom right of the player board. The first 2 stickers are bigger than the rest, and show a rail car and a locomotive.

My City Chapter 7 Train Stickers

After that, the stickers are identical. You place them either along the bottom, extending the track, or up a side branch to cover, and claim a reward. Note: even if you choose to extend the bottom track past a side branch, you can build up that side branch later on.

  • If anyone claimed a track reward from a mine in an earlier game, they place those track stickers before the start of episode 19.
Track Rewards

As you place side branch tracks, you can claim, gold nuggets, progress circles, increase the points value of your factories from 2 to 3, and tree stickers to place on your player board.

Like the mine rewards, some of the track rewards have a yellow triangle in the top right corner. These can only be achieved by the players who achieve them in the same round (either the round the first player(s) completely cover the bottom row of the player board, or the end of game round). Once a player(s) has claimed the reward on a side branch, any player who has not claimed it, draws a line through it, and they will be unable to claim it later. But this also means you don’t have to waste a track there later on.

My City Chapter 7 Train Rewards

It’s important to note that there are 6 episodes remaining, and 14 tracks required to build all the way along the bottom of the player board. Then there are 13 rewards that you can claim. So all up, 27 track stickers are required, and at the moment it seems that a maximum of 2 can be claimed each episode, for a total of 12. This makes it seemingly impossible to claim all rewards. So it means you need to think carefully about which ones you want to aim for. Are progress circles more important, or should you focus on the gold nuggets? Keep this in mind.

A quick recap of the rules.

  • Your first building must be built next to the river.
  • You may NOT build over forests.
  • Churches must be built. You cannot pass when you draw a Church.
  • You cannot pass if your score is on 0. Points must be earned via the “Railroad Rule” before you can pass.
  • Negative points are not capped when you reach 0, when scoring. If you are losing points for rocks and you drop below 0, you must keep track of the negative number, to take it off any future points you earn.

Aside from replacing the Investor rule with the Railroad rule, scoring is the same as episode 18.

My City Episode 19 Rules

The player with the most points colours in 2 circles. In a game with 3 or more players, the player with the second most points colours in 1 circle.

Then each player marks an X in their blue, red and yellow mine shafts equal to the number of buildings of the matching colour, next to each mine entrance. They claim rewards as they are achieved. And players who don’t receive a “triangle reward” claimed by others, mark that reward with a single line.

Episode 20
Each player adds the port sticker to their player board, on space E3. Make sure you orient the sticker to match the river.

My City Chapter 7 Port Sticker

The port is not a building, and can not be built on. 2 buildings that are adjacent to the port, but not to each other, do not count as contiguous.

The normal port rule now applies. The first player(s) to make a contiguous group of buildings, in any one colour, that is adjacent to both the port AND the railroad line, announces this out loud, and collects a track sticker. At the end of the episode, any player that has a contiguous group of buildings, in any one colour, that is adjacent to both the port AND the railroad line, collects a track sticker. Along with the track rule, it is possible to collect 4 track stickers in episode 20. More, if you get a reward from a mine shaft.

My City Chapter 7 Normal Port Rule

Keeping in mind the port location compared to the railroad track, and the mine openings, red buildings are probably the best choice for this reward. Blue buildings or yellow buildings that go from their mine opening, to the port, and to the railroad, severely limit the number of red buildings that you can connect to its mine. Though you will find a lot of this is dependent on the randomness of the card draw.

  • You still place the first building anywhere along the river. It does not have to connect to the port.

The scoring and rewards are identical to Episode 19.

My City Episode 20 Rules

Episode 21
Episode 21 plays exactly the same as Episode 20. However, this is the last game that you can achieve rewards from the mine shafts. Sink them as deep as you can to claim the rewards.


The rules, scoring and rewards are identical to Episode 20.

My City Episode 21 Rules

Then each player covers the mountain and the mine entrances, with a sticker that covers 6 spaces, each containing 2 rocks.

My City Chapter 7 End of Mine Sticker

End of Chapter 7

That is the end of Chapter 7. The game concludes in Chapter 8: Prosperity. Open that envelope when you are ready to continue.

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