Dragonvale – Winter Event 2022 – Breed an Aisa Dragon

The first limited event dragon has arrived for the Frostivale Yulebration. 2 specific parents are needed to breed an Aisa dragon.

Aisa Dragon Announcement

Zumi + Verglace

This combination shares plant, earth, cold, air and dark.

Aisa dragon breed stats

The 3.2% breeding chance drops to 2.489%, which means 28 attempts for a 50/50 chance to breed an Aisa dragon. The average fail time is 14.14 hours, which totals 16.5 days for an even money shot.

Clone an Aisa Dragon

Aisa shares earth, cold, air and dark, so Ruin is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Aisa dragon clone stats

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