The Actual Pixar Rankings

Continued from My guess, at my son’s rankings, of all 24 Pixar movies.

Before I reveal how I did, a quick recap of scoring. I start with 24 points. I gain 1 point for each ranking I have correct. For each ranking I have incorrect, I lose 1 point for how wrong I am (how many positions out I was).

My Picks for Pixar

First up, I pegged 6 of the Pixar rankings dead on, so my score went up to 30. And 5 were out by 1 spot, which brings me down to 25. And then 7 were out by 2 spots, which drags me down 11. But 18 of the 24 were correct, or out by 1 or 2 spots. I am really happy with that. But those last 6 …

Cars 3 is 3 spots better than I had it pegged. I haven’t seen any of the Cars movies, but it seems funny that that the last one is better than the first. Luca is 3 spots higher, exactly at the half way mark. We only just watched that, and didn’t really have any conversation about it. Even so, I’m surprised that it rate higher than Toy Story 2 and Finding Nemo. And related to that, Toy Story 2, which I knew was his least favourite of that franchise, is 4 spots lower than I predicted, actually in the bottom half of the 24. Those 3 dropped me 10 points, down to 1. And then we have the  big ones …

Toy Story 4, I was 6 spots too high. That is surprising. I knew it was certainly possible that it was below Toy Story 3, but that is a long way. Down to -5. The Incredibles, was 7 spots too low. I under estimated that one a lot, and probably should have thought about it’s placement a bit more before finalising the list. -12.

And finally, and most suprisingly, I placed Ratatouille 8 spots too low. Now I like the film a lot, but I didn’t realise that my son did. His 6th favourite Pixar film of all time. Astonishing. And giving me a final score of


My youngest daughter also wanted to play along, so her guesses of her brothers rankings are below.

Daughter's Pixar Picks

She placed 14 out of 24 picks, with 2 places or better, and ended up with a final score of -34.

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