Top 10 Experiences of 2019

2019 was a pretty good year, all things considered. Played some good games, saw some good media, had some great times with family and friends. Here’s my top 10 highlights in chronological order. Only new experiences in my list, so only the first season of shows, and the first plays of a game were eligible.

10. January – Betrayal Legacy

My Legacy Game Group had its 12 month anniversary in January. It was a solid year of fun gaming, with people who answered my post on a Facebook page. We wrapped up Betrayal Legacy in January, our 4th Legacy game, and as it turns out, the last one we would complete. Pandemic Season 2 would be our next Legacy game, and would be such a grind constant losses. One of the group had to give up the regular game in May, as he began work on his thesis at Uni, and not too long after, the FLGS where played closed its doors. I miss those Friday night games. And I appreciate you fellas.

9. Jan/Feb/Mar – 30th Wedding Anniversary/50th birthday/Trip to Vanuatu

January 28th was our 30th wedding anniversary, and March 24th was my 50th birthday. We split the difference, and my wife and I spent a lovely week of February, relaxing in Vanuatu. I heartily recommend; living to be 50 years old, being married to your best friend for 30 years, and traveling overseas.

8. March – Fighting with My Family – Movie

My son, William, is a huge wrestling fan, and was super keen to see this dramatisation based on the Documentary of essentially the same name. It tells the story of the Knight family: the parents big in the Wrestling scene in the U.K., and the children keen for a chance to break into the WWE. Movie with a lot of heart, but sharing it with my son makes this a top 10 experience.

7. April – The Mind – Board Game

I bought this in the Easter holidays, as a game to play with an exchange student that was staying with us. This is more of an experience/activity than a game, but it is an amazing psychological puzzle. How can you have accurate communication between all players, with no talking what so ever, and imperfect knowledge? The fact that you can do it so often makes this game quite addictive.

6. May- Russian Doll – TV Show

I love time loops in fiction. (Well duh! They don’t exist in fact!) Maybe it’s because of their unique ability to give many different Pay offs for the one Set up. Maybe I have a soft spot for the ability of characters to fix their mistakes, or make better choices in a very literal way. Whatever the reason, there can still be good time loop fiction, and bad time loop fiction. Russian Doll is great time loop fiction, filled with story beats I hadn’t seen before, and an incredibly satisfying finale. It ended so amazingly well, I have no idea how that can do a Season 2. Apparently I am going to find out. I certainly won’t be months late to watching the next Season.

5. June – Perpetual Grace Ltd – TV Show

“Get it. Get the rhythm. Get the rhythm.”

Stellar cast. Amazing performances. Any words to try and describe the story will not do it justice. Watch episode 1 to see if it’s for you.

4. June – Eldest daughter and husband move back to Brisbane

In 2013 my first born, and her husband, relocated  to teach at Tara, about 4 hours west from here. After 7 years of enjoying the small town life, we got the word in June that she had applied to transfer back to Brisbane. 2 schools immediately tried to head hunt her, and she accepted a position at Craigslea State School, a mere 20 minutes from here. There are few things as joyful to parents, as the news of a child moving back, close to home.

3. August – Aeon’s End Legacy – Board Game

I love the Legacy mechanic. Essentially you start with a simple version of a game, and then add a lot of mini expansions, building the complexity. I’ve played multiple campaigns of a few of them, and a second run through of this deck builder is definitely on the cards (pun intended).

We have not finished the first campaign yet, but it has already encouraged me to get the latest set, The New Age, and all of its expansions. My youngest daughter said she liked this game better than Marvel Legendary, so I’ll be collecting the others ASAP, and instabacking the new kickstarter due out early 2020.

2. October – Watchmen – TV Show

The world building of Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) centers around complex troubled characters, with rich back stories, in extreme or heightened environments. His foray into the comic book franchise, that already “broke the mold” is another must watch TV experience. Also, Regina King is a Goddess that walks among us.

1. October – Impending grand-fatherhood

My second eldest daughter currently lives in Mackay with her partner. They drive down to visit most school holidays. After the last day of school, my youngest flew up to visit with them for a week, before they made the trip down for Christmas. This drive allows them to see lots of family along the way, to tell them important news face to face. However, if you’re going to tell a lot of people that you are pregnant in person, it’s probably not a good idea to leave your parents till last.

So we got the call in October when things were confirmed, and all we had to do was keep that secret from family till they could tell people, and keep it from other friends until about now. The 12 week scan was this past Monday, so we could see the very first photo, and this morning she met with a midwife, and we got to hear the heartbeat. All things are going well, and the baby is due in July.

So yes, my 2019 was an absolutely fabulous year. And with some of my family much closer, and new family on the way, 2020 is going to be even better. I would love to know how your year went. And what you are looking forward to in the coming 12 months.

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