Top 10 Games – March 2020

I just ran through the ranking engine at Pub Meeple, choosing the games I would most like to play, if given a choice to play 1 of 2.

Top 10 Games March 2020

Aeon’s End: Legacy did move down my list after its status as the new wore off. But only to 5th, just behind Aeon’s End: The New Age, which I got for Christmas. I am loving this system of deck builders, and they have supplanted Legendary Villains in my Top 10 at the moment. We finished the Legacy campaign, and I have bought the reset pack, so my youngest and I can play it again.

Suburbia and Isle of Cats are new to my collection, so I am eager to get more plays of them. Horizons and Keyforge have made way for them in the list. And Villainous has made way for Gloomhaven at the number 10 spot, another new game for me. We’ll see if they have staying power.

Terraforming Mars, Dinogenics and Everdell are still in the top of the list, and Wingspan is solid at 6. Heck, let’s play some games.

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