Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 11

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**This post is an aid for playing a Charterstone Campaign, and is meant to be read after you have played Game 10 but before you play Game 11. In it I may talk candidly about things revealed in the first 10 Games. You have been warned.**

End of Game 10

You might have found Game 10 split into two distinct halves. The first Half revolving around using Buildings that gave you a Minion, and the second half revolving around more usual strategies. But the game will have wrapped up, Glory will have been awarded, and then the Guidepost will have asked for a quick recap of the Campaign Story so far. Depending on whether the Forever King is more Happy or Angry, a different Guidepost will have been revealed, with a different Goal and different Temporary Rules for game 11. I will be putting these in Spoiler Tags when I get to them, so as to not to give anything away to people interested in playing a second Campaign.

Game 11 Setup

A Temporary Rule is in place after the usual Game Setup has taken place, to ensure all available cards have been added to the Advancement deck.

Charterstone Temporary Rule Game 11

If there are any cards that have been added to the game at this point, you can read my thoughts on them, Here.

Guideposts Game 11
Guidepost if Forever King is mostly Happy
Charterstone Guidepost 11

If the Forever King has been mostly happy with your Story so far, Game 11 will be about having the most Advancement Cards, and you will have the Temporary Rule that your regular workers can only be placed outside your Charter. Now that Minions are back in play, it mightn’t affect your game play much, but it will stop you from being able to bump your own worker in your Charter, to cycle through certain actions. If that was part of your usual game play, you will have to alter your strategy.

With Assistants, Friends, Guests, Items and Treasures, there’s about 60 cards in the Advancement Deck, and that doesn’t include any unconstructed Buildings or unopened Crates. 6 Players can hold 24 of them in their Charters’ Chests, and if Glory permits, they can grab one at the start of the game. Even at its leanest, there will be more than 30 cards to collect from the Advancement Deck.

Some of them will be recyclable, like the Items and the Treasures, so I just wanted to suggest the Rule that all cards that get added to the discard pile do not get added back to the Advancement Deck/Mat until after the end of the current players turn. This is because the Robot Minion awards you a card, and the Amulet Treasure allows you another turn. Once the deck has been depleted to 5 cards or less, you can get into an infinite loop of playing a Robot to gain the Amulet Card, then playing the Amulet card (returning it to the Advancement Mat), to withdraw the Robot and playing it again, so that you can gain the Amulet Card, etc.

Guidepost if Forever King is mostly Angry
Charterstone Guidepost 11

If the Forever King is more angry than happy, then martial law has been declared, and a toll will need to be paid before you can visit a different Charter for the first time. This could mean up to 5 Influence used to go about your regular game play, which would severely limit your options for Game 11. The best plan is to limit the number of Charters you need to visit, and remember that it is free to visit the Commons. I would also recommend making the Buildings in your Charter as appealing as possible to the other players. Every player that spends an Influence to visit your Charter, has one less Influence to spend earning VP.

The Guidepost itself will be an easy one to achieve. It is important to clarify that you cannot just discard your cards at any point during the game, (assuming you didn’t make the most of the end of Game 10 Discard, and get rid of all your Advancement cards right then) but there are buildings to spend your cards, and the Cloud Port will take up to 3 of them at a time.

The only other thing to keep in mind, is that you are only 2 games away from the end of the Campaign, with only 1 more Guidepost to reveal. Enjoy the anticipation while you can.

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