Wingtip – Graphic Design

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I have built the first 3 sides of the bird cards, and as I have progressed, I have found things I have needed to tweak and adjust. This has meant revisiting the cards and adjusting things. But I think I am at a pretty good place now.

Side A of Card 2

Bird Card 2A

I have decided against adding a graphic to the Habitat Icon. They will be small on a poker sized card, and the 3 colours do the job cleanly. I am using the coloured “dice” from the Player Boards to indicate a Wild food read more

First Snow

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First Snow is a 9 card Print ‘n’ Play nano game, by Tomas Uhlir as part of a 2017 competition on Board Game Geek. It ended up winning a bunch of the awards, including best overall game. It uses one card for scoring, two cards for the players to keep track of inventory, leaving just six cards for actual game play. It is set in Inuit read more

Refining Card Layout & Iconography

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When making a set collection game, there needs to be some obvious way for the players to see which cards belong to which sets. And when making a set collection game with cards that can belong to two different sets, there needs to be two obvious ways. Such as the numeral and the suit printed prominently in the corners of a standard playing card.

Good Graphic Design shows, at a glance, which cards can be grouped together. Skyward, read more