2019 Achievements & 2020 Goals

2019 – a Good Year for Gaming

2019 Stats Overview

I set myself 3 goals at the beginning of the year. The first was to play 365 games, to average more than 1 a day. I ended with 402, plays, and over 249 hours of non stop gaming, totaling about a week and a half of 2019 at the board game table. 117 of those were lunch time games at work, which turned out to be super important for my play time for the year.

The second goal was to complete a 10×10, which I also did fairly comfortably. Only 2 Legacy games ended up on the list, as my Legacy group disbanded in the middle of the year. Marvel Legendary easily made the list, but Everdell was 1 short, and Terraforming Mars didn’t even get 5 plays of the year. The bulk were definitely short quick games, again, often played at lunch time at work.

2019 Top 10 Plays

The final goal was to play a further 30 games, 5 times. I came up quite short here, with only 22 games, outside of my 10×10, getting 5 plays for the year. There were quite a few at 4 plays, and I possibly could have scrounged up the plays by tonight, but I wasn’t going to sacrifice the fun to reach an arbitrary goal.

2019 Games List

I’ll talk about my top 10 games for the year in another post. Just know it won’t be a simple matter of number of plays, or number of hours.

Goals for 2020

Once again, I’ll be trying to hit a game play for each day of the year. This being a leap year, my challenge will be one game longer, at 366.

Regarding the 10×10, it occurred to me that there were numbers that made more sense, when reflecting on a years worth of gaming. Playing a favourite game each month would mean getting in 12 plays for the year. So I’ll be trying to complete a 12×12. This will constitute 144 games of my yearly total, and give me something to achieve, that I didn’t this year.

It them seems to make sense, to have 24 games, that I want to play every other month of the year. So a 24×6 would complete another 144 games of my yearly total, and again, give me another goal I didn’t quite achieve in 2019. My collection has grown a bit in the last 12 months, so it doesn’t seem quite as daunting as this time last year, when I didn’t even own the 40 games needed to complete my goals.

This has certainly been a fun year of racking up the plays. I am quite excited to reset the counter to zero, and see what we play tomorrow, on January 1st. Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2020 is a fabulous year for one and all. Feel free to comment below and share your goals for 2020.

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