Betrayal Hints & Tips – Game 2

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for someone who has played up to Game 1 and is preparing to play Game 2. It will contain **Spoilers up to and including Game 1**. You have been warned.

Expanding the House on the Hill

Game 1 gave you an insight into how the game will expand over the course of the campaign. The house and grounds grew dramatically in Game 1, with 6 new tiles being added to the 8 that were in the Tile Stack from the Prologue Game. With 20 Planks of Rooms, it should be expanding in a similar way for most of the Campaign, though 6 new Rooms in game 13 will be a much smaller change than it was in Game 1.

New Events and Items were added from both the Legacy and the Purgatory decks, as part of the evolving story, and also the result of your choices in the game. Making Items and Events dependent on location really helped make them feel more thematic, but the choices you make regarding Heirlooming Items really gives you the chance to put your own stamp on the future games.

Everyone has a Story

Well to Do Calling

Callings have been a great addition, with a random benefit added to each player helping with the variability. Some of that can seem a bit strange when creating a 9 year old girl who is also a war Veteran or a Scholar, but it will be less troublesome in post campaign play, when we will no longer be creating a character every time. Keep an eye on the Calling you receive each game, and make sure you make the most of its ability.

Part of Game 2 Setup

You will be given an instruction to add a new rule, cards and tokens for something at the start of Game 2. For the most part this is pretty straight forward, but I will just say that the tokens you are looking for were part of the boards you punched during the Unboxing of the game. You will be looking for tokens that match the image on the backs of the new cards.

Tokens for Game 2
The Tomb

The Tomb

Game 2 is the first time that you will read the instruction, “Put the card into the Tomb.” It is important to reiterate here, that Cards (and other things) that go into the Tomb are not destroyed. They are placed in storage, until a later time in the Campaign, or possibly not until Free Play games after the Campaign is over. We placed the cards that were to go in to the Tomb, underneath the second Legacy Deck. This way they will be safely kept out of the way, until you might get the instruction to grab them again.

Triggering the Haunt

In the first two games, the Haunt was triggered when you needed an Omen Card, and there were none to collect. From Game 2 onward, it is possible to trigger the Haunt when an Omen Card is taken from the Omen deck. You can click on the Spoiler below, to see an image of the card you read during the setup of Game 2 and read the rule change, or not, if you prefer to remain totally unspoiled.

Image of card, explicitly explaining Haunt Roll
Haunt Roll Card Game 2

In Game 2, after you have collected the second Omen, you will roll 2 dice to see if you trigger the Haunt. You need to roll 3 or 4 to do so.

I am just going to clarify from the rules, that if you are the second person to discover a room with an Omen tile, then:

  • Draw last Omen card in the deck
  • Check to see if you trigger the Haunt, and if you do
  • Read the next card in the Legacy Deck, which will include instructions to
  • Draw and name the third Omen card in the game

The point is, if the Haunt is triggered after finding the second Omen Tile, 2 Omen Cards will be given out in quick succession, possibly both to the same player. This is the way the game is designed.

Clarification for Heroes in Haunt 11

Setting up for Haunt 11 is a little confusing for the Heroes, because it has the note “Setup: None!” and then talks about tokens used in the Haunt. The “None” means the Heroes have no setup. The Traitor is the one that is setting up tokens, and the entry in the Secrets of Survival becomes clearer after the Traitor has done what he needs to do.

There are some points hidden under the following Spoiler Tag to help clarify things. Probably best not to read them until you are reading the Haunt in the Secrets of Survival.

Traitors Setup for Haunt 11
The Traitor will place number multiple number tokens on the Inhabitant cards.

Inhabitants do not count as Cultists when making a Search Roll.

Until Game 3 …

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