Betrayal Hints & Tips – Game 6

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for someone who has played up to Game 5 and is preparing to play Game 6. It will contain **Spoilers up to and including Game 5**. You have been warned.

Otherworlds Deck

The only new thing to give advice on as you head into Game 6, is the Otherworlds Deck, revealed at the end of the last game. The instruction was to put the cards aside without looking at them, and their use is adequately explained during the setup of Game 6. You do not need to read further if you want to stay unspoiled for the start of Game 6. What little advice I can offer, I will hide under a Spoiler Tag.

The Otherworlds
You reveal the Rules sticker for The Otherworlds, and add it to the Rule book as part of the Game 6 setup. To sum up, once you are on the Chasm Tile, which you created at the end of Game 5, you can spend a movement to turn over the top card of the Otherworlds deck and place your figure upon it. Read what the card says, and either end your turn there, following the instructions, or spend another movement to turn over the next card of the deck, and move your figure on to it. You can never go back to a previous card, you can only move forward, and once you run out of movement, you must follow the instructions on the last card you revealed. This adds a little bit of gamble to exploring the Otherworlds.

When you choose to stop, or you run out of movement, you must follow the instructions on the last card. Then place your figure back on the Chasm Tile (unless instructed to do otherwise). You will generally keep the last card that was revealed, and all the others are buried at the bottom of the Otherworlds deck. It will not come as a surprise, that examining the Otherworlds will be an important part of the next Haunt.

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