Betrayal Legacy – Game 10 Review

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post is a review of Game 10, which is designed to give you a feel for the game, whilst containing no spoilers. It assumes you are familiar with Betrayal at House on the Hill.

December, 1925

Game 10 Card

The set up for Game 10, included some final alterations to some House tiles. A final step to making them very similar to the components in the original game. We had a good exploration of the house, before eventually triggering a Haunt with a hidden traitor, another first for us. 4 numbered chits were mixed up, face down, and passed randomly to us. The player who received number 1 was the traitor. I received number 3.

The Haunt

The rules for the Heroes and the Traitor were all printed in the same book, so all players knew what they had to do to win, without giving anything away. There were monsters that were moved by each player on their turn, until such time as the Traitor was revealed, and could take control of them. There was certain requirements that the Traitor had to get, before he could announce himself, so until that time, we all just kept working towards the Heroes goal. It was a really enjoyable Haunt. Each players move, would be followed by a chorus of, “That’s just what a Traitor would do.”

End of Game

While I was happy to play into the mystery, the Purple player was keen to Sherlock the mysterious Traitor. He announced that it was Blue, and not much later, Blue showed his true colours in trying to stop us. He was never in a position to start the Traitors end game, and take control of the monsters, so the Heroes ended up winning fairly easily.

The Fates of our Players
  • Red – Billy Monk, 26, Not the Traitor, Survived. “He did good”
  • Purple – Pedro Manson, 64, Not the Traitor, Survived. “Killed Sam”
  • Green – Ellen Griswold, 27, Not the Traitor, Survived. “Number 3.”
  • Blue – Elaine Costanza, 48, Traitor, Died. “Was number 1”

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