Star Charter – Games 9 to 18

A continuation of my Star Charter campaign; Game 1, Games 2 to 4 & Games 5 to 8. This post will not show every game, but is more of a highlights reel.

The RWinder has released V1.0 of Star Charter so you can now play for yourself. If you are new to Make as You Play, this game would be a great introduction.

Game 10

Star Charter - Game 10 Map

My first outer ring world. It costs 18 to travel from the middle ring to the outer ring. But because I created the hub world of Beaulise in Sector 41., and I could create a space lane from 43. to 41., it only cost me 9.

Game 13

Star Charter - Game 13 Map
Star Charter - Game 13 Cards

Lots of travel around the middle ring in this game, with no hub worlds. That’s 3 hops that cost me 12 fuel each, and then 9 fuel to make the 3rd and final jump to an outer sector, creating a hub world and space lane. You can also see how the cards in the travel line are starting to have a decent amount of fuel on them, to help make the outer worlds more accessible.

Game 16

Star Charter - Game 16 Map
Star Charter - Game 16 Cards 1
Star Charter - Game 16 Cards 2

My longest journey so far. Even though it was mostly around the inner sectors, I still ended up with a world with 8 fuel.

Game 17

Star Charter - Game 17 Map
Star Charter - Game 17 Cards

This was a short game, but the final jump illustrates something interesting. I finished on a new outer sector, but I jumped from a middle sector that already had 3 space lanes. So even though I created the new hub world of Murpokku, I did not get a discount to travel, and it cost me 18 Fuel.

Game 18

Star Charter - Game 18 Map
Star Charter - Game 18 Cards 1 Star Charter - Game 18 Cards 2

New record journey. I actually ran out of cubes, because I only carry 8 of each type with me. And again I finished on an outer hub world with no space lane, so I didn’t get the fuel discount. But my deck now has a world card with 11 fuel.

This is a post (tangentially) about the design and development of a currently unnamed Shipwreck Game. You can see the other Blog posts at the Index for the Game.

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