Aeon’s End: Legacy – Hints & Tips for Game 5

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Aeon’s End: Legacy. You can access all my other posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for the fifth game of the campaign, and will contain Spoilers from Games 1 to 4. You have been warned.

End of Game 4

At the end of game 4 you add a second sticker to your starter card, that gives a second ability to your spell or gem. These additional starter effects are another way for you to make good combinations with your equipment and abilities.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Insight 9 Stickers

You then choose a breach and starting hand configuration. Unlike other choices in the game, there are only 2 of each type to choose from, so a 4 player game will require negotiation to make sure everyone is happy with the sticker they receive.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Insight 8 Stickers

The Aether Specialist focuses on generating buying power, to allow the purchase of cards and activating their ability. Their breaches are furthest from being open and they have just 1 spark in their hand+deck. The Spell Specialist breaches are closer to being open, and have 3 sparks in their hand+deck.

This sticker also doesn’t fit quite neatly, and trimming them before application is recommended. But once the choices are made, swap the crystals and sparks so the starting hands and decks are right.

Supply Cards from Deck IV

The remainder of Deck IV are the new supply cards. You must swap 2 of them for 2 you have, keeping the market to 3 gems, 2 relics and 4 spells.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Supply Cards Deck IV

The Darkest Night

The setup for Chapter 5 is under the spoiler tags below. Click on it at your peril. Well … not peril … but … you know …

Chapter 5 - The Darkest Night

Haze Fiend is the nemesis for Chapter 5. Pull out his player mat and put the divider in the box.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Haze Fiend

Open deck V and grab the cards till you get to the Stop Middle card of the deck. You have the 9 specific nemesis cards to make the nemesis deck, and you can place the rest of the deck in front of the Current Stop Deck divider. Make the nemesis deck in the usual way.

Fracture a Crystal

Each player writes their character name in the space at the bottom of each crystal. Now that you have chosen your specialty, and exchanged the starting cards, these are your crystals for the rest of the campaign. And the reason for this is that Haze Fiend has the ability to fracture them. Open Insight 10 to reveal 2 types of stickers. You apply them to a crystal card when Haze Fiend fractures it.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Flawed Crystal Stickers 1

Aeon's End: Legacy - Flawed Crystal Stickers 2

A fractured crystal cannot buy spells. This effect will continue for the rest of the campaign, so it’s probably a good idea for most of these stickers to go on cards that belong to Aether Specialists.

Losing the First Battle

If you lose your first game against Haze Fiend, you do not fight him again. He has already damaged your crystals, and you do not compound it a second time.

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