Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 8

Continued from Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 7

**This post is an aid for playing a Charterstone Campaign, and is meant to be read after you have played Game 7 but before you play Game 8. In it I may talk candidly about things revealed in the first 7 Games. You have been warned.**

End of Game 7

I hope everyone was able to make the most of receiving free Resources and Coins during Game 7. Perhaps the player with the Spectral Worker used their advantage to claim the Guidepost last game, and maybe they fulfilled the requirements to return them to their original body. What ever the case, the Guidepost was revealed, a choice was made about End of Campaign Scoring, and cards have been added to everyone’s Charter Chest.

Guidepost Game 8

Charterstone Guidepost 8

If you have not revealed Peril before now, you can read my thoughts about Rule 3 Here.

New Additions

If you have added any Minions or Extra Card groups during Game 6, please revisit those sections of my earlier posts.

Game 8 Setup

The Guidepost for Game 8, whilst awarding Glory to the player(s) with the most Peril,  specifically mentions ridding the Village, and your Charter, of all Peril. It seems like it might be important to not have any Peril in the Village at the end of Game 8.

Whilst thinking about the placement of the Sky Islands for Game 8, you might want to maximise the number of Buildings that have Peril as a Cost. Peril is a limited Resource, with a maximum of 36 available during the game, and all information is public knowledge. You will be able to tell at some point if you will be able to complete the Guidepost Goal, and thus know if the Peril is worth keeping till the end. If not, then they are easily exchanged for VP at the specific Buildings, or the Cloud Port.

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