Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 4

Continued from Charterstone Hints & Tips – Automa and Game 3

**This post is an aid for playing a Charterstone Campaign, and is meant to be read after you have played Game 3 but before you play Game 4. In it I may talk candidly about things revealed in Games 1, 2 & 3. You have been warned.**

End of Game 3

The Game 3 Guidepost goal was to Score the fewest Objectives. Easily done by most people by simply refraining from doing any. This goal would have encouraged players to Score VP by constructing Buildings and opening Crates this game. This should culminate in players having a lot of Buildings in their Charter, and thus should want to make the person who won the right of revealing the choices on this Guidepost, to want to earn more VP by including the Building scores.This will give lots of extra Glory, and should ensure that everyone has filled in their first row by now, and everyone will start with a bonus next game.

Assuming the winning player wants to make this choice. Maybe they’re an anarchist, and just want to see the World burn. Either way, a choice will have been made, a Crate opened, Story 7 added, and a new Guidepost revealed for Game 4. “Have the most Buildings in your Charter”.

There are only 6 plots in each Charter, and construction has been actively encouraged up to this point in the Campaign, so it should be another Guidepost goal, somewhat easily achieved by most players.

Automa Information - Game 3 Guidepost
Automa do not complete Objectives, and so they will have achieved the goal, and been awarded Glory this game. And as Automa don’t spend Influence is readily as a human player, it will be likely that an Automa will have earned the right to reveal the choices on the Guidepost card. As I said in the last post, it was never the intention of the designers for the Automa to be able to make these strategic choices, and they always wanted a human to choose. But if you prefer, they have spelled out a way for the Automa to choose, in the back of the Automa Rulebook.

Additional Cards for the Automa Deck

When the Story 7 card is added, 3 more cards, 390 to 392, are added to the Automa Deck. It is important to note that this includes an additional card to visit the Market and discard the two most expensive cards on the Advancement Mat, but this new card also moves the Progress token. Pay careful attention when you see these cards come up.

Charterstone Card 391

The other thing of importance, is that every time you shuffle the Automa Deck, including the first time at the beginning of a game, you now discard the top 3 cards face down. This means that the deck will still have the same amount of cards you have been using previously, but there will be another layer of unpredictability, as you won’t know which cards will have been discarded after each shuffle.

New additions to the game

There is a good chance that Rule 3 has been added to the Chronicle during Game 3. If so, click the Spoiler Tag below.

Rule 3

Charterstone Peril

Extracting this card will also have extracted card 37, which is used to add a Peril row to the Quota Track. Going about your business, and visiting buildings, will earn you a collection of Peril tokens, that can be exchanged for easy VP at Cloud City.


Charterstone Peril Quota

Also included in the Crate that revealed Peril, will be a building that uses it as a Cost. There is one of these Buildings for each Charter, and they each use a different coloured Peril. Once these Buildings start to be constructed, there are benefits to be had by collecting those specific Peril.

Game strategy can become more adaptive. You may alter your plans to use a Building to collect the specific Peril that is on it, with the aim of completing a short term goal, and with a long term goal of exchanging the collected Peril for another bonus. With a limited number of moves each game, it definitely becomes important to try and kill two birds with one stone, each time you place a Worker. And with all Players keeping their resources in plain sight, you can think about what your opponents might be up to, and whether it might be worth your while to collect certain Peril first, in order to thwart their plans.


When you add Rule 3 to the Chronicle, you should also grab Card 160. This adds a small note to the Automa Rulebook, clarifying that Automa Workers collect the Peril tokens, but do not use them in general game play.

A replacement Rule 18 might have been revealed by now. If so, click on the Spoiler tag below.

Rule 18 - Replacement

Up to this point Rule 18 was specific that you could only build on empty Plots. A replacement Rule 18 becomes available in the game which changes the rule, allowing you to construct over the top of any Building with no tokens on it, except for the Basic Building. It also allows for the fact that there will be other Buildings that will allow you to construct, for a different cost than those listed on your Building.

Charterstone Overbuilding Card

I will just clarify that if you have unlocked Rule 3 above, then the tokens spoken of in that rule would need to be removed from a Building before you could construct over the top of it.


The final point to bear in mind, is that constructing over a Building removes it permanently from the game. This might seem like an obvious thing, but it is just to remind you that, as well as thinking about the cool new Building you want to construct, you will also need to be thinking about which old Building no longer has a use.


Automa do not need a Building to be clear of tokens to Overbuild. Just take the tokens off, construct the new Building, and replace the tokens.

It is very likely that new Minions or Extra Card groups were added to the Campaign in Game 3. Please revisit that information in my previous post.

Setup for Game 4

There are just a few things to double check before you start Game 4.

  • The Guidepost card instructs you to move the Progress Token from it’s normal start position.
  • Ensure that each player has collected their bonus for their completed rows of Glory.
  • Automa – Don’t forget to include those extra 3 cards in the Deck, and to discard the top 3 cards face down, after each shuffle.

Best of luck with Game 4. We will talk about what happens next in my next post.

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